Outline and Summary

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Complete the following for this assignment:

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  • Choose and view one of the following films:
    • Tootsie.
    • Steel Magnolias.
    • You’ve Got Mail.
    • Mrs. Doubtfire.
    • Some Like It Hot.
    • One of the Guys.
  • Based on Chapters 1–4 of the Wood text, determine what key concepts of gendered communication could be related to the film you chose. Consider as many of them as possible, including the major theories, concepts, and vocabulary terms.
  • Read “Outlining the Speech,” from S. E. Lucas’ The Art of Speaking, provided in the Resources.
  • Using the Preparation Outline Checklist, and referring to the Lucas reading, create an outline for your Unit 5 project paper.
  • Write a 1-page summary of the concepts you intend to address in your paper.

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