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Leadership Book

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Identify a current (published within the last three years) leadership book that you will use in the Portfolio Project; submit the reference for your chosen book in standard APA formatting along with your name and a one-paragraph explanation of why you chose this particular publication.


This Portfolio Milestone comprises the following four (4) elements:

  • title and reference pages
  • an introduction of the paper’s purpose
  • outline I:
    • One to two introductory paragraphs using proper APA citation formats.
    • An alphanumeric* outline of the scholarly research strategy associated with the Portfolio Project, option 1 (see the full description in the Module 8 folder)
    • The outline should be detailed enough to guide your instructor or another scholar to gather targeted scholarly, governmental, and industry data to complete the Portfolio management report.
  • outline II:
    • One to two introductory paragraphs using proper APA citation formatting.
    • A full sentence* outline for the critical analysis of the leadership book chosen for the Module 1 Portfolio Milestone.

*Resources related to alphanumeric and full sentence outlines are found in the link below.


Please see attachment for the project information

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