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Your assignment for this week is to outline the steps to identify the target audience:

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Antonio and Mario are anxious to get started on the proposal that will allow them to explain why the marketing strategy of the bakery needs to be changed. They would also like to start advertising immediately. Because they do not have a marketing background, they are unsure as to how the process should begin.

  • As a marketing consultant hired to perform market research, consider and respond to the following facts:
    • A target audience has yet to be determined
    • How will determining a target audience effect the research process?
    • What are the repercussions of starting an advertising campaign without knowledge of the specific target group?

    Using the marketing research process listed below, outline the steps you would take to identify the target audience. Make sure your steps focus on conducting target market identification research.

    • Identify the problem.
    • Create the research design.
    • Choose the method of research.
    • Select the sampling procedure(s).
    • Collect the data.
    • Analyze the data.
    • Prepare the report.
    • Follow up.

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