Papers should be typed, 12pt double spaced, and 3-5 pages long. File name should be labeled with your name, the course number, & the assignment For example: E.Schuyler_Psyc212_Developmental Interview

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Papers should be typed, 12pt double spaced, and 3-5 pages long.

File name should be labeled with your name, the course number, & the assignment

For example: E.Schuyler_Psyc212_Developmental Interview

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· Select an individual to interview. This person must fall into one of the following categories: Emerging Adulthood (21-30 years old and MUST NOT be currently enrolled in college (FSU or elsewhere), ideally a recent college graduate); Middle Adulthood (40-64 years old), Older Adulthood (anyone over 65). You may NOT interview anyone enrolled in Psyc 212 this semester, regardless of age.

· I am providing a list of questions for each age group, and while you may ask additional questions of your own (or respond to what the person brings up in your conversation) you should to use these questions as a framework – at least 3-5 questions from my list. This does NOT mean that you have to include every question from my list.

· In the paper that you submit, you must include the interviewee’s answers to your questions


how these issues tie-in with what we have learned in class this semester. You


include tie-ins to class material (textbook, lecture) to get full credit for this assignment! (For example, if you talk with a 68-year-old about whether they are still working or entering retirement, you must include information from class about retirement – social clock expectations, gender differences in adjustment to retirement, etc.). How you organize your paper (interview questions and class references integrated OR in two separate sections) is up to you.

Middle Adulthood

· How do you feel different now as opposed to when you were in your 20’s? Do you feel different physically? Do you feel different emotionally?

· Have you ever experienced a “mid-life” crisis?

· Are you married? How old were you when you got married? Do you have any advice for younger adults about marriage? [*NOTE: Be sensitive in asking this question and the next one regarding children]

· Do you have children? How old were you when you had your first child/last child? How has the experience of having children affected your development? What advice would you offer new parents?

· Do you have grandchildren? How old were you when you became a grandparent? How often do you see your grandchildren? What do you typically do when you spend time with your grandchildren (ex. activities)?

· Are you caring for an aging parent or grandparent? How does that responsibility affect other areas of your life?

· When do you think you might retire? What would you like to do when/if you retire?

· How do you typically spend your leisure time?

· [If you are interviewing a Baby Boomer (born 1946-1964), it might be interesting to ask them about major world events, such the Vietnam War, the various revolutions of the 1960’s, Watergate and other events of the 1970’s, and how that affected their childhood/adolescent development]

These questions are to give you an idea of what to ask, but you can also add your own questions if you have a specific area of interest that you would like to explore.

Papers should be typed, 12pt double spaced, and 3-5 pages long. File name should be labeled with your name, the course number, & the assignment For example: E.Schuyler_Psyc212_Developmental Interview
Last Name 4 Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Individual Interview Paper Name: Rihanna Age: 54. How is life like when you were growing up? It’s not the same right now, but when I was 11 years old I moved here. And I grew up in a tiny village, we had a TV yet we didn’t watch TV. They sent me to a small catholic girl only school in because our parents were really committed. I just went to classes, returned home, did homework, did chores and we were not even able to watch a lot of TV. We used to play basketball, and be outside. How is life varying from when you were a teenager? I think there is more aggression among teenagers right now as compared to when we were young there wasn’t really. People were much social at that time; nowadays people are just busy with themselves. If you get a chance to change your life with the teenagers of this generation, will you do it and why? As a matter of fact, yes as it feels like there are more chances for young people to excel in school and university right now with technology. And if you are unable to travel the world, you can find everyplace online with the recent innovations, and I think if this young generation takes advantage of these opportunities and the available tools, they will have more improvements and positive things to do in their lives. Is there any advice you want to give to this new generation? Not most of your life lessons will come from your textbooks and instructors. You’ll need to continually note the value of a reasonable balance in your life and learn from your parents’ advice, and don’t take something for granted, including your relatives, friends, and people around you, because once you lose their trust you will never be able to amend it. What do you think your biggest accomplishment is? I came from a very penury family. When I was young the only goal or dream I had was to change that poverty lifestyle to a wealthy lifestyle. Now, I am providing a good lifestyle to my children, and this is one of the biggest accomplishments because I am able to bring happiness and joy to my family. Have you ever had a mid-life crisis? No, I never had a mid-life crisis. The reason is that I lived my young age very roughly. My family went through a lot of ups and downs and I have seen rugged days at very young age and I was accustomed to that. Do you have children? How old were you when you had your first child and last child? Yes I have three children, I was 28 when I had my first child and I was 39 when I had my third child. What was it like having a child? What advice would you offer new parents? To me, being a parent means meeting expectations and dreams. I loved to hold, touch, watch and sniff my baby. My advice to new parents will be that your life should feel close to a perpetual hangover for the next 2 years. Do not hesitate, go for it and even try to enjoy it-it’s going to get better. Enjoy the growing age of your baby it not only bring you happiness but also makes the bond with your life partner stronger. Do you have any good memory? And what was that? The best memory for me was the birth of my first child. What is your main goal for the next five years? To get retirement and spend time at home, enjoy my retired life, my children, and my elderly mom and spend time with my husband. Do you have any moment in life that changed the way you look at life, or any person that changed your perspective towards life? I suppose after seeing how hard my father worked in the farm and how meager his earnings were, I was inspired to stay focused in school so I could get a well-paid career. How do you typically spend your leisure time? At this age, the only thing that brings leisure to my time is, every moment spent with my children. I also like gardening and sometimes reminding my old memories of school also make me feel buoyant. If you wish to go back to any age, what would it be and why? I guess I really want to go back to the time when I was maybe twelve, because at that period the only priority for me was, getting up early, going to school, returning home, making a decent lunch, not making any concerns about taxes, loans, the only concerns were getting good grades at school when I was young. Which world events you know from the time you grow up? Event of 9/11, explosion of world trade center because I guess the perspective of many people changed towards many countries and some religion after that barbaric event. Summary Rihanna was very straight to the point that she had a tougher time. Rihanna used a lot of sentiment and was very honest and as described, “Of being able to see how intensely my father worked in the farms and how meager his earnings were, it sort of inspired me to remain focused in school so I could get a decent paying career,” she expresses Erikson’s Stagnation philosophy, building a life after her father to provide good life to her family.

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