PATHWAY PAPER is an analysis of the pathway, writing homework help

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PATHWAY PAPER  is an analysis of the pathway you have chosen/created and
what you wish to gain from the classes you will/have taken.  How does
your pathway connect with your career direction and fit with other
activities that you have engaged in to develop it.  Use this paper to
connect the dots by looking at your life in terms of past, present and
future.  You are completing a mind map to look at where you have been. 
In your journal and in class you have been looking at your daily life
and your ideas about your future.  Summarize all that you are
considering and learning in this process.

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The questions listed below will give direction for your pathways paper


Pathways papers needs to include responses to the following:

What did you learn from doing your mind map and related activities?

What patterns did you discover about your life from doing your mind map?

Will you use any of these patterns to plan your future? If so which ones and how will they help determine your pathway?

Where do you see your life going?

How are your future choices guided by your past experiences?

What pathway have you chosen and what caused you to make that choice?

How do you see the pathway you have chosen fitting into the framework that you see in your life?

What are your plans after graduation and how does this pathway enhance those


What interdisciplinary perspectives have you integrated into your pathway?

You notice that each example of a pathway has a title. What title will you give your pathway? Your title needs to be included on your study plan.

Use this mind map attachment in connecting the paths of the paper. make the paper flow.

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