​Pick an event and conduct the analysis

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a.Find at least one article from a business trade publication or
business newspaper/magazine about an event that has
implications for marketing. The event must be related to one or
more topics of the class. See the Course Outline and textbook for
the relevant topics.

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b. Read and understand the article and the focal event. In most
instances, you may need to search for additional articles related
to the event. These articles will give you additional information
that enhances your understanding of the event and will be
useful in the analysis of the event. Include all the articles you
read that helped you in your list of references.

c.Analyze the event for all possible marketing implications. This is the
crucial step. An event may associate with more than one
marketing issue. Specifically, you need to analyze the event with
respect to the marketing environments and marketing
strategies. How to analyze the event: Ask yourself as many
marketing-related questions as you can think of.

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