Please follow the instruction thoroughly. Please write 4 pages.

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Please follow the instruction thoroughly.  Please write 4 pages.

Your answers should be clear, concise, well organized, and contain a sufficient amount of information in order to make your point. Support your answers with details and examples. If you need assistance choosing your subject, email your instructor for recommendations.

PLEASE ANSWER EACH QUESTION. Each answer to questions (2-8).

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1.Read a novel or watch a movie about a cultural group other than your own.

2. Explain your reasons for selecting the experience (lecture, novel or movie).

3. Briefly describe the experience only. Do not re-tell the entire story, lecture or film.

4. Compare the experience to your own values and belief system.

5. Describe your feelings/reactions to the experience.

6. Describe your assumptions, stereotypes, and perceptions prior to and after the experience.

7. Describe what you learned about yourself.

8. Was this a valuable cross-cultural experience? Why or why not?

9. Combine answers to questions 2-8 into a three to five-page paper.

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