please write an essay about cta

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A CTA is just what it sounds like: you are trying to persuade your audience into taking some sort of action. Whether it’s to buy something, to donate, to boycott: it is a definitive action. The theme for this project will all be related to the current situation we’re currently in. You are following hypothetical scenarios for your CTA:

* Scenario: Your grandparents think the virus is no big deal and are planning to take a road trip to across a few state lines for a vacation they’ve been planning for six months.

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* Your goal: Convince them to stay home

* Audience: Your grandparents (Uninformed)

For this topics, there is an element of personal connection between you and your target audience. Think of this as a deconstructed essay. I’ve given you the outline:

The first paragraph:Attention Grabber(50-100 words)

you should have something catchy that hooks your audience in. You need to consider who your audience is, their age range, what would interest them. You need to put careful consideration into what you want their first impression of you and your cause to be.

Second Paragraph:Background Information, Exposition(300 words)

What’s happening? That’s the cause of the topic you’re discussing? What’s the background of the issue?

Third Paragraph:Your Claim(300 words)

This is your claim and what you’ve been leading up to. This is where you outline what you want them to do and then explain why it is important that they do this.

Fourth Paragraph:Evidence that backs up your claim(300 words)

This is the logos part of your CTA. The supporting evidence. You need to provide the developing facts (if you choose the 2075 prompt, you can just use our current facts for Covid-19). Since you’re dealing with a virus, you might want to include information having to do with health, possible symptoms, preventative measures, etc. Think about what your topic is and what information would be relevant.

Other Demand:

Please Clear Audience: The most important thing to consider when you’re trying to convince someone of something is what kind of audience are they? How is this personal? How can you use that connection to persuade them?

Resources page: This is your works cited. This would also be where your audience gets their information in case they want to find out more about the issue.

Main things I will look at

* Content: Does the information provided in each page sufficiently address the requirements? Do you provide specific evidence and sources?

* Organization: Is your website easy to navigate? Is the information easy to access?

* Language: How is your spelling, and grammar? Is the word count for each section in the ballpark of what is required?

* Audience: Is it clear who the audience of your CTA is?

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