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Please follow the below instructions and utilize APA.

Pick a poem (from one of the following websites) and …

a) Begin by copying and pasting your chosen poem.

b) Then, in one paragraph, tell us why you chose the poem. What appeals to you about the poem?

c) Then, in another paragraph, tell us how the images are working within the poem and towards the poem’s ultimate meaning. What image(s) stand out? Why? Do they lead you to believe that the poem is about a particular thing or idea? How so? (Feel free to use these questions to help you teach us about your poem.)

Poetry Foundation – click on “Poems & Poets” — http://www.poetryfoundation.org

Poetry Daily – scroll through the days — http://poems.com

Beloit Poetry Journal – click on “current issue” or “archives” — www.bpj.org

Poets.org – search the “poem-a-day” section — www.poets.org

**For added texture and dimension, try to incorporate some of the new poetic terms you learned last week (imagery, metaphor, simile, voice, tone, assonance, alliteration, rhyme, sonnet, narrative, lyric, ballad, elegy, dramaticmonologue). Do you see any of the poetic devices at work in your chosen poem?

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