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Question: What is constitution and what are sources of Canadian constitutional law?

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-Your response should be between 500-1000 words. You are not required to write your answer in an essay format. However, you should coherently organize your answers and put them into proper sentences and paragraphs. You nee to Provide examples wherever it is necessary and any where that says “example” on the outline.

To ease up your work an outline has been provided and attached for you to the question. You need to follow the outline closely as a draft for main points and definitions and make sure that you are elaborating and extending on all the relatable key concepts in the same order as outlined within your response to the question and provide definitions and examples for the key points in addition to any other information that needs to be added in order to provide a comprehensive response to the question.

There are no need for any citations or references and works cited page. You can use any sources that you like that will help to gather your information following the outline. You do not need to cite or paraphrase anything. However you should not copy and paste information from anywhere to at least change the content to your own words because the work will get checked upon originality of text by my professor. There should be no citations, page numbers or referncing at all in the response.

-The most important point is to answer the question in the most comprehensive way that you can and make sure that you elaborate and extend on all the related keypoints in the outline, provide complete definitions for each and use examples whenever necessary to explain the concepts.

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