​Popular Culture and Social Change – Only Foramt

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I already did my first draft and I did not need you to do anything on the paper. I attached the paper and example.

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I want you to follow the FORMAT and the example and add some related pictures


a) Use columns like you would see in a magazine (photos are acceptable

b) Your article must have a headline (your title) and a byline (your name)

c) Example: China Uses Pandas to Educate Kids About Renewable Power Sources

d) By: Janice the Journalist (use your name, of course)

2) You must also choose :

a magazine that you think your article would be a good fit for, and write in a style similar to that magazine. Please cite the magazine you are theoretically “submitting” your article to for publication. For example, if you were to submit an article to The Portland Monthly, they would edit it to fit their voice, tone, and style. Many magazines do this, so make sure you are aware of the audience, tone, voice, and style of the magazine. Wired has a totally different audience and style than Scientific American, for example.

3- Single page Works Cited Page

4- You must use in-text citations as well.

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