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Assignment III: You will prepare a YouTube video or Zoom video, where you are seen as presenter. Presentation on the assigned topic (Diabetes in your chosen target audience and how diabetic situation in your target audience exacerbate their vulnerability to Covid 19 infection) will have minimum 15 and Maximum 20 slides. Title and reference slides are excluded from the 15 slides limit. Presentations have to be informative but succinct. You will post the PowerPoint file (not PDF) of your slides with YouTube link to your video on your title slide in the Assignment Dropbox on CANVAS by the due date. Late submission of presentations will result in grade reduction by 10% points per day. Grading rubric for the video presentation is provided with the assignment instructions on Canvas. If you need accommodations in order to complete this assignment and are registered with the Disability Resource Center, please contact me know as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made. Your video presentation scores will be posted with the final grade on PantherSoft at the end of this course. I have attached example of previous presentation to use as a guide.

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This is a link to one of the examples posted :

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