pre algebra part james madison

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Question 1 (5 points)

Determine whether the relationship between the two quantities is proportional. Explain.

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Question 1 options:

Question 2 (5 points)

How far is it from A to C?

Question 2 options:

Question 3 (5 points)

Josiah traveled 79.5 miles on 3 gallons of gasoline. At this rate, how many gallons of gasoline would he need to travel 265 miles?

Question 3 options:

Question 4 (5 points)

Complete each conversion. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary.

74 lb = ____ kg

Question 4 options:

Question 5 (5 points)

Maria rode her bicycle 5 miles in hour. What is her average speed in miles per hour?

Question 5 options:

Question 6 (5 points)

In an illustration of a ladybug, the length of the ladybug is 5.6 centimeters. The actual length of the ladybug is 0.7 centimeter. What is the scale of the drawing?

Question 6 options:

Question 7 (5 points)

At the same time the Eiffel Tower, height 984 feet, casts a 246-foot shadow, a man casts a 1.5-foot shadow. How tall is the man?

Question 7 options:

Question 8 (5 points)

A man that is 6 feet tall is standing so that the tip of his shadow is 20 feet from a light pole. His shadow is 8 feet long. What is the height of the pole?

Question 8 options:

Question 9 (5 points)

The following table shows the relationship between the time taken to perform the jumps by Maria. Determine whether the number of jumps is proportional to the number of seconds. If the relationship is proportional, identify the constant of proportionality.

Time (seconds)






Jumps completed by Maria






Question 9 options:

Question 10 (5 points)

Solve each proportion.


Question 10 options:

Question 11 (5 points)

The two figures are similar. Write a proportion to find the missing measure. Then find the value of x.

Question 11 options:

Question 12 (5 points)

Express each ratio as a unit rate. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

2 notebooks for $0.60

Question 12 options:

Question 13 (5 points)

One grocery store sells 8 pounds of bananas for $3.12. Another grocery store sells 9 pounds of bananas for $3.06. Based on these rates, which statement is true?

Question 13 options:

Question 14 (5 points)

Express each ratio as a fraction in simplest form.

7 quarts to 45 pints

Question 14 options:

Question 15 (5 points)

Bill bought 4 pens for $12. Which of the following equations shows the relationship between the cost of pens, c, and the number of pens, x, bought? What will the cost of 20 pens be?

Question 15 options:

Question 16 (5 points)

Toski is building a room that is 18 feet long and 14 feet wide. Construct a scale drawing of the shed. Use a scale of inch = 2 feet.

Question 16 options:

Question 17 (5 points)

Complete the conversion. Round to the nearest tenth if necessary.

1779 miles per hour
__ miles per minute

Question 17 options:

Question 18 (5 points)

Simplify .

Question 18 options:

Question 19 (5 points)

A tree that is 40 feet tall casts a 30-foot shadow. At the same time, another tree casts a 20-foot shadow. How tall is the second tree?

Question 19 options:

Question 20 (5 points)

Express each ratio as a fraction in simplest form.

45 laptops out of 109 computers

Question 20 options:

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