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For this assignment, you will be asked to write a 3-full page paper, in the form of a Diary Entry, from the perspective of someone of a Race different than your own. This means that if you are of African-American descent, pick someone who is either Muslim, White, Latin (etc.), assume their “Racial Mentality” and “Ethnic Identity,” then answer the questions listed below. Remember this is a “Diary Entry,” so please provide personal feelings and thoughts, in the viewpoint of the race you are assuming.

If you are assuming a characteristic of someone who’s viewpoints are vastly different from your own, I encourage you to be as true to your characteristic as possible, but to also provide a paragraph at the end of your paper explaining your own personal viewpoints. I understand it can be frustrating expressing “extremely bigoted viewpoints,” (which can come about if you are assuming ideas/thoughts from the Alt-Right group) therefore I encourage you to freely express yourself at the end of your paper, so that you are not bottling up unneeded frustration about this assignment.

Assignment Questions

  1. What will come up for you when confronted with daily events that target your group? (i.e.: someone being shot, deported, denied access to middle-class housing neighborhoods, etc.)
  2. How is your community reacting to your presence? (i.e.: staring, commenting, spitting, etc.)
  3. Listed below are specific governmental policies/social reform groups that are currently impacting multiple racial/ethnic groups around the country. Indicate how one (or more) event impact(s) your daily life.

Current Governmental Policies/Social Reform Groups and Their Impact on Specific Groups

  1. (Muslims/Latinx/etc.) Wall on the US/Mexico Border: one of the biggest topics in politics currently.
  2. (African Americans) Black Lives Matter: the perception that African-Americans are indiscriminately being shot by police.
  3. (White Americans) Alt-Right: the perception that White Privilege is being infringed upon and need to be protected.

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