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For this assignment students are to write a “five paragraph” essay on a public policy of their choosing. (If you’re unsure exactly what a “five paragraph” essay is you should visit the CalPoly writing center or its website ( for more information.)

Successful completion of the assignment requires the following:

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  • Attending an “E-Z research” workshop at the CalPoly Library and obtaining a certificate of completion.
  • Picking three articles from a newspaper or magazine on a public policy topic that interests you. (Please refrain from using miscellaneous webpages for your sources. If you must use a website, then you must document the name of the person who wrote the on-line article and their qualifications.)
  • Writing your essay. Your essay should summarize the content of the three articles, offer your personal opinion of the public policy, and use some of the economic ideas you’ve learned in class to discuss the likely economic consequences of the policy.

A hardcopy of the essay is due at the beginning of class on the day of the final. You must hand in a typed essay, your E-Z research certificate, and all three articles bundled together.

Q: What is a public policy?

A: An action/policy by the government that affects the lives of citizens. The policy can be made by the Federal, State, or local government. In the past, students have written about medical marijuana, social security, immigration, taxation, the war in Iraq.

Q: How will the essay be graded?

A: Fundamentally, the essay is a statement of your opinion about the policy. To the extent possible you should try to relate some of the concepts used in the course to your ideas about the policy. Scoring of the essay will depend mostly (80%) on using the correct format ( i.e. 5 paragraphs), expressing your opinion clearly, completing the E-Z research workshop, and turning in your articles. The other (20%) of the grade will depend on how well you write and how well you use economic concepts from the class in your essay.

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