Prinicapals of Finance Calculate the indicated ratios, business and finance homework help

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I put all  of the information in the attached word document, it is formatted properly there.

Financial ratio analysis is conducted by mangers, equity
investors, long term creditors, and short-term creditors.  What is the primary emphasis of each of these
groups in evaluating ratios?

Over the past year, M.D. Ryngaert & Co. has realized an
increase in its current ratio and a drop in its total assets turnover ratio.
However, the company’s sales, quick ratio, and fixed assets turnover ratio have
remained constant.  What explains these

Data for Lozano Chip Company and its industry averages

Calculate the indicated ratios for Lozano.

Construct the extended Du Pont equation for both
Lozano and the industry.

Outline Lozano’s strengths and weaknesses as
revealed by you analysis.

Chip Company: Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2013 (thousands of dollars)

Cash  $
225,000  Accounts Payable   $601,866

Receivables    1,575,000  Notes
payable    326,634

1,125,000  Other current liabilities

  Total current
assets  $2,950,000  Total current liabilities  $1,453,500

Net fixed assets    1,350,000  Long
term debt    1,068,750

  __________  Common equity    1,752,750

Total assets 
$4,275,000  Total
liabilities and equity  $4,275,000

Chip Company: Income Statement for Year ended December 31, 2013 (thousands of

Sales  $  7,500,000

Cost of goods sold    6,375.000

Selling, general, and administrative expenses     825,000

  Earnings before
interest and taxes (EBIT)  $  300,000

Interest expense      111,631

  Earnings before
taxes (EBT)  $  188,369

Federal and state income axes (%40)    75,348

Net income  $  113,022

Ratio  Lozano    Industry Average

Current Assets/Current Liabilities          2.0

Days sales outstanding (365-day year)      35.0

COGS/Inventory        6.7

Sales/Fixed assets        12.1

Sales/Total Assets        3.0

Net income/Sales        1.2%

Net income/Total assets        3.6%

Net income/Common Equity        9.0%

Total debt/Total assets        30.0%

Total liabilities/Total assets        60.0%

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