Read case and answer questions in assignment

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Read case and answer these questions in 750 words for assignment:

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#19. Mark Morris is a professor at Enormous State University. Every morning

he greets the department secretary, Mollie Bloom, by saying, “Hello, sexy!”

Bloom has become increasingly annoyed by Morris’s comments, but

whenever she complains to Gilman, the department chair, he ignores her

complaints or tells her she needs to develop a sense of humor.

1. Does Bloom have a legitimate complaint of sexual harassment?

2. Would the university be held liable for Morris’ conduct?

3. What outstanding facts would you want to know before taking action

against any employees? Explain.

#17. Stith, Inc. operates a small manufacturing plant. In order to upgrade its

workforce, Stith’s human resources manager decides as of January 1, 2009,

to adopt a requirement that the company will only hire applicants with a high

school diploma or equivalent. Previously, Stith had only required applicants to

complete a simple aptitude test, and a number of current employees are not

high school graduates.

1. Does the new requirement raise any problems under Title VII? Explain.

#20. HomeCare provides healthcare aides who work in the homes of its

clients, who are generally elderly or disabled persons. Some of the clients are

bedridden and require total personal care. HomeCare screens applicants for

employment by using a strength test—the applicants must be able to lift a

dummy weighing 150 pounds. The strength test disqualifies most female

applicants, as well as a majority of Asian and Hispanic male applicants.

1. What must HomeCare do to show that the strength test has validity under

the Uniform Guidelines?

2. Should HomeCare use a construct validity, a content validity, or a criterion-

related validity approach for the strength test? Explain.

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