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In a 4 to 6 page (not including title page and reference page) written report for Red Bull (Energy Drink), address the following questions:
1. How do you intend to vary the marketing of your product or service if you have identified more than one demographic group to target? Describe no more than 2 different target markets.
2. Describe how important differentiation is to your firm’s success in regard to (a) the product or service you are marketing, and (b) the manner in which you present the marketing to your targeted groups.
3. Describe your pricing plan/strategy in regard to how it fits into the marketplace and how it will be attractive to your targeted consumers.
Explain what you would you do if immediately after initiating the marketing of your firm’s product or service to the marketplace, another firm lowers its price for a competing product to your offering? What will you do in response to this competitive action

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