Refer to the 15 research articles from your “Literature Evaluation Table – DPI Intervention” to complete this assignment. ITS ATTACHED Write a 2,000-2,500-word syntheses of articles. Do not copy/pas

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Refer to the 15 research articles from your “Literature Evaluation Table – DPI Intervention”  to complete this assignment. see link

Write a 2,000-2,500-word syntheses of articles. Do not copy/paste the abstract. A synthesis is an integrative summary, in your own words, of the articles, their findings and a justification for how they support your intervention.

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Include the following:

Introduction – Describe the clinical issue or problem you are addressing. Present your problem statement. (CREATE) SEE MESSAGES I HAVE SOME THOUGHTS

  1. Search methods – Describe search strategy and the criteria you used to find and select the articles that support your intervention (e.g., data bases, limitations of the search, full text, peer-reviewed, English language).
  2. Synthesis of the literature – For each research article, write a paragraph discussing the main components (subjects, methods, key findings) and provide rationale for how the article supports your intervention.
  3. Comparison of articles – Compare the articles (similarities and differences, common themes, methods, conclusions, limitations, controversies).
  4. Recommendations for future research: Based on your analysis of the literature, discuss identified gaps and which areas require further research. Describe how the gaps would impact your intervention and what specific research would be needed in this context.
  5. Conclusion – Provide a summary statement of what you found in the literature.

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