religion exodus

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For this assignment, you will write an essay in which you synthesize information from a variety of sources to draw your own conclusion on the topic.

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The Exodus story is foundational to the Bible as whole, referenced throughout both the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. In this story, Moses and the Israelites develop a relationship with the god Yahweh, who delivers them from slavery in Egypt and leads them to the Promised Land.

The Jewish people hold this story as central to their religious narrative; the story is the basis for the Passover holiday and serves as the foundation for Jewish identity.

The story was subsequently taken up by Christianity, with Jesus seen as the new Moses.

The American identity is also founded on this story. The sermon given by John Winthrop on the way to the “new world” invoked imagery that framed the Puritans as the Israelites and their new home as the Promised Land.

The story continues to resonate with a variety of peoples and has been interpreted to speak to a wide range of social identities. This has been especially true in recent decades for groups from the margins.


Read the assigned material for the Exodus unit. This includes Exodus 1-15 as well as the seven articles posted on Blackboard (see below). Then, write an essay in which you provide new insight or perspective on the use of the Exodus story by marginal groups.

Voices from the Margins ( I attached them all)

“A Latin American Perspective: The Option for the Poor in the Old Testament” (249-260)

“An Asian Feminist Perspective” (p. 261-272)

“A Palestinian Perspective: Biblical Perspectives on the Land” (p. 273-282)

“A Native American Perspective: Canaanites, Cowboys, and Indians” (p. 283-290)

“Exodus-toward-Egypt: Filipino-Americans’ Struggle to Realize the Promised Land in America” (p. 291-308)

“Let My People Go! Threads of Exodus in African American Narratives” (p. 309-332)


Jon Levenson, “Exodus and Liberation”

Length: 5-7 pages (based on Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced, 1” margins).


paper assignment is asking you work with all of these readings. (Attached)

how do you navigate them? Your goal is to provide a synthesis that seeks to say something about these different perspectives (about how you understand these interpretations/evaluate them – interpretations from a variety of perspectives).

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