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Question 2: Connect some of the key tenets of the feminist perspective toward social problems to an issue from your own experience or observation.

, “analyzing the situations and lives of women in society, the feminist perspective defines gender (and sometimes race or social class) as a source of social inequality, group conflict, and social problems. For feminists, the patriarchal society is the basis of social problems. Patriarchy refers to a society in which men dominate women and justify their domination through devaluation; however, the definition of patriarchy has been broadened to include societies in which powerful groups dominate and devalue the powerless (Kaplan 1994).

Social issues have been around for awhile. Feminist have worked long and hard creating groups to help support the cause. The women’s march in Washington, D.C is one of the most recent feminist movements that I can recall. Women from all over marched the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The march was to set up to send a massage to about women’s rights. It goal was to promote the personal value and fears that they felt under the new presidency. The immigrants, LGBTQIA, Muslims, Native American’s, American’s with disabilities and ones whom where survivors of sexual assault were among the ones who marched. “We’re doing it his very first day in office because we are making a statement,” one organizer, Breanne Butler, said in an interview days after the election. Of the the marginalized groups she accused Mr. Trump of attacking during his campaign, she said, “We are here and we are watching. And, like, ‘Welcome to the White House.” (Rogers, K.)

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Question: Connect some of the key tenets of the feminist perspective toward social problems to an issue from your own experience or observation.

Rosemarie Tong said that the “feminist theory is not one, but many, theories or perspectives and that each feminist theory or perspective attempts to describe women’s oppression, to explain its causes and consequences, and to prescribe strategies for women’s liberation”. (Leon-Guerrero, 2015). The feminist perspective forces on gender differences and social inequalities. It views the social investigations from the women’s point of view and their experiences. There has always been the well known stereotype of gender roles. The stereotype that women belong at home taking care of the house and the children and men are supposed to work and provide for their family. This social problem has been around for a very long time. People believe that women are supposed to clean, cook, take care of their house and the children and the men are not supposed to do any of those things. Men are supposed to work and do “man” things like yard work or other “hard” things. It surprises me how we are in the 21st century and this stereotype is still around. I have personally witnessed it multiple times. A dad not changing his child’s diaper because “it is the mom’s job”, a man being questioned as to why he is cooking dinner because his “wife should be the one cooking”, and even “why are you cutting the grass? Shouldn’t your husband be doing that?”. Gender stereotypes affect both men and women in many different situations. Another one being that when a young boy or even a man is scared to do something someone might say “Do it, don’t be a girl” or “Don’t be a sissy”. Saying that do not act like a girl, as if it is a bad thing. That right there is a way of telling a little boy that women are inferior to men and that it is wrong to act like a girl. I know that that example might seem like it would not affect anything, but adding it with everything else it does.


Leon-Guerrero, A. (07/2015). Social Problems: Community, Policy, and Social Action, 5th Edition. [Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from…

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