Representative Kristen Aston Arrington U.S. Senate Senator Marco RubioSenator Rick ScottIn the Florida Legislature, there is one senator that represents your district, as well as one representative th

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Representative Kristen Aston Arrington

U.S. Senate

  • Senator Marco Rubio
  • Senator Rick Scott

In the Florida Legislature, there is one senator that represents your district, as well as one representative that serves the constituents of a district. This assignment will familiarize you with these individuals, their stand on the issues, and their voting record.

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Visit the websites for the Florida House of RepresentativesLinks to an external site. and Florida SenateLinks to an external site. to look up your representatives in the Florida House of Representatives and Florida Senate. Visit your legislator’s website and conduct additional research to learn about this individual. This additional research should include searching for the legislator’s name to locate news articles, interviews, and debates as well as visiting websites like BallotpediaLinks to an external site., Bill Track 50Links to an external site., and Vote Smart.Links to an external site.

While completing your research keep these questions in mind:

  • How similar is your representative’s background to yours?
  • How closely do his or her policy positions match your own?

Take notes Download notesabout your two representatives that serve you in the Florida Legislature paying particular attention to the questions provided to assist with your research.

Once your review is completed, use your notes to write a one paragraph analytical summary about each representative (a total of 2 paragraphs) adhering to APA format and including your sources in a References page.

To earn the maximum points, evidence of evaluation of the information and analysis/synthesis must be present in your response. Review the sample Download sampleto get a better idea of how this submission will look with APA formatting, as well as what a submission that earns a “C” looks like when compared to an “A” submission. Comments are provided in the margin to understand the areas that demonstrate lack of analysis (in Representative Valdez’ summary) and demonstration of strong analysis (in Senator Watkins summary). The rubric found below is used for scoring and should be reviewed as part of your writing process to ensure that the expectations are met in your submission.

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