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Assignment 1

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Clinical Practice Guidelines


  1. Search and locate one systematic review or practice guideline in your topic of interest (Include the citation).
  2. Evaluate the following:
    1. The systematic review or practice guideline relies primarily on studies conducted in the last five years.
    2. The review provides support for the importance of the study
    3. The authors have use primary, rather than secondary sources.
    4. Studies are critically examined and reported objectively
    5. The
      systematic review or practice guideline is organized so that a logical
      unfolding of Ideas is apparent that supports the need for the review
    6. The systematic review or practice guideline ends with a summary of the most important knowledge.
  3. View Grading Rubric.

Assignment 2

End of Course Reflection

These final questions are an overall evaluation of what you learned about EBP throughout the course.


  1. How has this course helped you grow personally and professionally?
  2. What did you expect from this course?
    1. How did the course meet or not meet your expectations?
  3. What will you take away with you in terms of conducting EBP reviews and preparing a group project and an EBP paper?
    1. Do you feel that you have strengthened your skills in preparing a presentation and or writing an EBP paper?
      • If so, how?
      • If not, how could the course have better met your needs?
  4. View Grading Rubric.

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