Respond to each classmate with 100 words or more. This is the discussion they had to answer. Describe your own organization’s corporate culture and discuss the role of leadership in development of t

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Respond to each classmate with 100 words or more.

This is the discussion they had to answer.

Describe your own organization’s corporate culture and discuss the role of leadership in development of the culture.

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Classmate 1

Collapse SubdiscussionYkeisha McGeeYkeisha McGeeMondayApr 19 at 10:41pmManage Discussion Entry

Organizational culture is nothing but the collection of assumptions, values, and beliefs which give a clear picture to people as to how to behave in an organization. These shared assumptions, values, and beliefs influence the people in the organization to depict the right kind of behavior to perform their jobs better. The organizational culture that is followed by my organization is ethical culture. Ethic culture is important in a business environment. It is very essential to make the right kind of environment at the workplace and do the right things. Managers play important role in determining whether the employees are living by the company’s values and expectations.

The role of leadership in the development of ethical culture are:

Ethics should be made a part of workplace culture and leaders should encourage their employees to work ethically.

The guiding principle should be clear and a proper framework should be made by the leader to evaluate the ethical actions.

Employees who behave ethically should be selected, trained and the organization should focus on retaining those employees.

Ethical behavior of employees should be considered important by the leader and should be included in business and performance reviews and should also be linked with rewards or incentives.

Organizations should focus on increasing moral sensitivity of different business perspectives like stakeholders reports, open discussions etc.

Leaders should lead by example.

Leaders should communicate the importance of ethical standards to their employees.

It is important to create a formal program of ethics. An ethical training system should be conducted for all the employees regularly. Organizational structure and resources should focus on monitoring or being committed to an ethical environment. Example- By providing regular coaching and feedback, training sessions, performance review, etc., A complaint system ensures that people are filing complaints about ethical misconduct at the workplace. This is done by compliance hotline numbers. Creating an ethical panel is important who can take action against ethical misconduct.

Classmate 2

The culture within a company has more influence over that companies success than one would imagine. It is what sets the tone for employee productivity and the type of interactions between colleagues and management. However, some organizations may require for there to be more strict or formal employee interactions, for instance, working in government agencies. On the other hand, private companies may allow a more laid-back approach to enabling employees to interact or perform their work. Some companies may have a more flexible schedule and allow employees to complete some of their work from home, and others require employees always to be present Monday through Friday. Therefore understanding the type of organization employees work for is essential. If an employee begins working for the District Attorney’s office, it is understood that the atmosphere requires many more formalities when interacting with victims, defendants, and attorneys. Private companies would still require the same formal interactions but, as stated, can be more flexible in how the work is completed. Leadership certainly plays a vital role in organizational culture because leaders are the ones who will implement the standards and what the expectations are for those who are part of the company. The company’s culture allows me to work from home, and management implements honesty, accuracy, and responsibility as part of the company’s foundation of the company culture. Still, the work is demanding, and there are high standards to meet as far as what pertains to our job performance. Leadership within my company is very efficient, and they are very accessible to their employees. Communication is not complicated with management which allows for employees to adhere to performance standards.

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