Respond to each classmate with 100 words or more. This is the question they had to answer. Does your organization (or one you have worked with in the past) have a compliance-based or values based eth

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Respond to each classmate with 100 words or more.

This is the question they had to answer.

Does your organization (or one you have worked with in the past) have a compliance-based or values based ethical culture? Describe the culture and support your answer with illustrations.

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Classmate 1

The previous company I was employed with pledged to create unique products and services that would deliver greater measurable value to all stakeholders.  The CEO, department heads, supervisors, and other employees displayed an elevated level of ethics and transparency, as well as the steady groundwork for a stabilized foundation.  Leaders strived to earn trust and ensuring the ethical standards and compliance of all members of the organization were compliant.   Because the organization was worldwide a global code of conduct was created.  Corporate governance, compliance, and risk management were key factors in the management of the business.  Risk management cost and bad publicity associated with ethical violations were not worth the cost of compliance.  Accounts and records were to be maintained with integrity.  Employees made accurate, transparent, timely, and appropriate disclosures of the company’s business activities to stakeholders, including shareholders, management, customers, other employees, and local communities. Value and respect for employees, suppliers, customers, and communities were highly regarded.  Diversity was recognized highly because they felt every person brought a different talent to the company.  Romans 12:3-5 confirms the first aspect of diversity.    Discrimination, retaliation, or harassment, in any form or degree, was not tolerated.  Employees were expected to carry out their work in accordance with the Code of Conduct.  Employees who suspected that a violation of the Code of Conduct occurred were obligated to report it as soon as possible.  Employees were encouraged to use the SpeakUp system to report their suspicions. Employees who acted in good faith and reported suspected violations were to be protected from retaliation.

Classmate 2

The organization I work for has a value-based ethical culture.  The firm established its culture from Biblical scripture about the wise man.  We educate our team members that our firm was built as the wise firm on service, honoring God and personal faith, caring for others, and being committed to our families.  We strongly believe that we build our firm together.  Our guidebook references compliance but it mainly focuses on ensuring the wise firm culture are components of our day-to-day life within the organization.  We train our team members on our philosophies.  These philosophies include how we grow and develop each other, how we remain flexible in how and where work, and how we deliver to serve our clients with care.  We also train our leaders to get to know their team members.  We encourage everyone to assist their team with identifying the passion and strengths as well as long-term career goals and personal aspirations.  We encourage everyone to have clear communication and ensure they are clear about performance expectations and expected results.  Our culture also promotes building relationships and connecting to the wise firm culture.  Another way my firm demonstrates value in ethical culture is by the continuous reminder to grow the people around you.  We strive to match strengths and areas of passion to opportunities throughout the firm. In my firm, we bring all of this to life by promoting real-time feedback and check-ins with all employees.  My firm has a strong stance in growing together and maintaining our solid foundation on us and service.

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