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Response to this post and explain why you think their childcare option is or is not ideal. Also, discuss why you would or would not use this method for your own toddler.  

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-Please use the chapters that I have attached to cite within your answer. This is the reference to use:

Bojczyk, K. E., Shriner, B. M., & Shriner, M. (2012). Supporting children’s socialization: A developmental approach. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

but when citing within the answer, please cite like: (Bojczyk & Shriner, 2012)

Well when it comes to my kids I always want what’s best for them. So I have decide to open my home for family-based care. When doing family based care I want the children I have feel as if they are a part of the family and feel like they are at home. I will treat your kids as if they were my own and not treat them any differently. I will give then the same amount of love as I do my kids. Also when doing family based, I want your child to feel safe and wanting to come back to my house not be like, I don’t like her and never want to go back. For all of this you really can’t put a price on a child’s love, but I would charge $15 a day per kid if you bring your own food and snacks but if I provide all the food and stuff then I would charge $20 a day. Also I believe that when it comes to child care we as parents also struggle paying bills sometime, so I would not charge the parents if the child does not show up. I believe if you don’t show you shouldn’t pay this will be a day to day pay or pay by the week, it’s up to the parent on that. But if the parent pays for a week and misses a day I will credit that to the next week. I just want to be here and care for the children and give them the love and attention that they need. While your child is in my care they will always be doing something and staying busy. I want to make sure they have craft time, play time, nap time, centers, outside time, snack time, and many other fun things. Don’t worry your child will be in great hands when coming to my house. 

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