Resume and Job Application Letter

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Career Documents: Phase Two: Resume and Job Application Letter


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You will need to complete Phase One before you can work on Phase Two of this project. Phase Two of this project will ask you to use the job advertisement that you selected from Phase One job application(In the file) to create your career documents: the resume and the cover letter, also known as the job letter application.

Assignment Parameters

You will generate two main documents regardless of what the advertisement requests from you: a Cover Letter(at least one page, single space) and a Resume(at least one page, single space). Any additional materials required will depend on the position you seek. A graduate position may require, for example, a writing sample. If this is your selected position, you will include this in your submission as well. If you are intending to apply to graduate school or if you want to use your documents to apply for an existing position, I will gladly help you work on extra documents beyond this assignment. Please contact me for additional help.

Besides the Cover Letter and Resume, I will be using your selected job advertisement to help me evaluate your writing. In this way, you can think of me as proxy for the hiring agent.

Questions to consider: Are you…

  • meeting (or will meet) all the (reasonable) requirements put forth in the ad? (Note that may have to project some of these requirements, e.g., degree or skills you may acquire in a future class.)
  • creating compelling language and formatting (e.g. error-free, confident, and supportive of your abilities and qualifications)?
  • persuading your reader to hire you, given the criteria set forth or implied by the ad?
  • providing effective support for the claims you make about your qualifications?
  • listing jobs, relevant coursework, or experience with explanations of skills learned or successes achieved?

What to submit here:

1. Cover letter

2. Polished and developed resume (I highly suggest making your resume a PDF prior to submission – Word can alter your spacing in different versions)

3. Copy of the job advertisement you are using as a guideline

the first doc is the copy of requirement and the rubric.

the second one is the copy of job I want to apply.

the third doc is the phase one job application, please read it carefully and write the phase two assignment. There are many information you can use from the phase one.

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