revelation and inspiration 1

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(July 8): Revelation and Inspiration (23-46) God’s Character and

God’s Reign (51-74; 77-112) Read John 3-4 – answer questions on the discussion

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ASSIGNMENT 1 What are the major similarities and differences between the documents of the Old Testament and those of the New Testament. Write a 1-2 page paper outlining this.

ASSIGNMENT 2 DISCUSSION Watch this video about the Gospel of Q. In the discussion, write your initial thought about what you viewed. What does “Q” stand for? What is the synoptic problem? What language are Matthew and Luke using for their books? Is there validity in the claims about the original source of these sayings?

ASSIGNMENT 3 DISCUSSION Read John 3-4. There are two major characters, Nicodemus and the Woman at the well. What are some similarities and differences between these two people? List them? How do these two stories illustrate how Jesus “contextualized” his message depending on those he interacted with?


ASSIGNMENT 1 Write a 1-2 page paper outlining this.

ASSIGNMENT 2 asnswer the question.

ASSIGNMENT 3 asnswer the question.

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