Scenario You work as a director of leadership and learning for an organization that makes prosthetics. This year’s employee engagement survey results for the organization show that some leadership pra

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You work as a director of leadership and learning for an organization that makes prosthetics. This year’s employee engagement survey results for the organization show that some leadership practices are rated lower, while some practices were rated higher. The new chief human resources officer (CHRO) met with the team to discuss the general results. Everyone agrees that the company’s focus should be on both specific leadership development areas perceived as strengths and on those rated as areas for improvement, primarily regarding social intelligence, emotional intelligence, and the interpersonal skills of effective leaders.

To help this initiative, your manager, the vice president of leadership and learning, asked you to create an adaptive leadership toolkit that can be used throughout the organization. To begin this work, you conducted a personal leadership self-assessment and turned this into a personal development plan. Then you shared this artifact with your manager. Your manager was impressed with the thoroughness of the personal development plan and saw value in incorporating it as an exemplar within the adaptive leadership toolkit for use by all people leaders in the organization. After receiving such positive feedback from your manager, you are now ready to move forward on developing the adaptive leadership toolkit that will be shared with your manager and chief human resources officer (CHRO) of the organization.

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  1. Summarize the business problems the organization is currently facing and describe how the adaptive leadership toolkit will address these problems.
  2. Based on the employee satisfaction survey, identify the skills and behaviors that are current strengths exhibited by leadership and explain how these strengths are critical to the success of the organization.
  3. Based on the employee satisfaction survey, identify the skills and behaviors that are current areas of weakness for leadership and explain how these areas may be improved by applying the self-assessment you used to create your own personal development plan.
  4. Describe the importance of including a personal development plan as an exemplar in the adaptive leadership toolkit and explain how SMART goal setting can help to improve the areas of weakness for leaders within the organization.
  5. Explain how the personal development plan and SMART goal setting could help develop the leadership styles of the leaders within the organization.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit a 3- to 4-page Word document using 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

Scenario You work as a director of leadership and learning for an organization that makes prosthetics. This year’s employee engagement survey results for the organization show that some leadership pra
Milestone One: Self-Assessment MILESTONE ONE: SELF-ASSESSMENT Jacqueline Campbell Southern New Hampshire University MBA 530 Leading People & Organizations Prof. Becky Maclennan January 23, 2022 THE SELF-ASSESSMENT MILESTONE The lowest score Based on the assessment score, I was not very surprised to learn that my lowest score was “inspire the vision.” Within my current organization, I am a leader who focuses on the trending and current issues at hand to complete the job successfully. I have held several positions in my previous workplaces etc. customer support and helpdesk; the commonality with these roles is focusing on the present situations, especially on the customer’s issues. Therefore I followed a similar mindset when moving to the leadership position. However, when moving up the hierarchy, I had to be more future-oriented due to job responsibilities. However, I feel that the scoring sheet has given me a clearer picture of what I should work on since it’s a part of my weakness that I have been avoiding. Additionally, the job market is gradually changing; therefore, we have to focus on the future and not current situations only to remain competitive. Kouzes & Posner (2021). As a prospective leader, having an ability to inspire vision is key; there are clear mission and vision statements for all organizations. Therefore, the leader has to focus on these statements when making plans and milestones to be achieved by their teams. Planning motivates and sets limits for employees. Improving my ability to inspire vision will ensure employees are guided and equipped with resources to boost performance. Planning for the future does not mean a one-week plan but a long-term plan for ten years or more. We should also focus on our current steps and how they contribute to long-term vision achievements. As leaders, we are expected to break down the long vision into smaller and achievable roles. Highest score. I was also not surprised to learn that my highest score was “enable others to act” since I have embraced the policy of working like “conveyor belts” throughout my previous working organizations. A specific role is divided into many chunks while different people are assigned smaller units of the job. This ensures that people can learn from each other and take pride in the overall results of the completed job. This creates professional and personal growth; the weaker members can also learn from the experienced ones. However, through enabling others to act, there should be honesty and openness, which creates a respectful atmosphere. As the leader, I also guide, coach, and mentor the new team members and assign them mentors they should consult from directly. Finally, there are rewards for good work as a motivation to keep making gradual improvements. This area is important for effective learning since good working environments are created through teamwork and trust in continued learning. Therefore, the leaders are tasked with breaking the ice and ensuring employees are not afraid to engage in new tasks. It’s not the role of the leader to sit and wait for the results but also to guide and coach the employees into achieving the results. The leader should also restore confidence among their employees when carrying out tasks by showing them how to react to different situations that may occur unexpectedly. Finally, by showing others how to act, the leader ensures faster performance since employees do not have to consult their leaders if the need arises. Kouzes & Posner (2021). The adaptive leadership toolkit Based on the assessment results, the company should focus on the following leadership behavior Enable Others to Act Most leaders forget the humane side of their employees and want them to work continuously like robots. However, leaders should often reward, recognize, and motivate employees for better performance within a good workplace. Employees become more loyal and productive when they note the management recognizes their efforts. Additionally, when the leader rewards, more employees want to appear on the rewards list; therefore, they strive to be the best, which means more productivity. Model the Way Integrity is not just the ability to abide by the values and standards of the organization but also being honest and truthful as the leader. Most employees do not trust their supervisors since these were the lowest scoring questions. Therefore, integrity skills among the leader will promote trust, ethics, and reliability where employees assume their leaders make decisions without bias on any side. Based on the employees’ survey, the two leadership traits the company is doing well on include Good customer focus For any organization to remain afloat, customers are an essential part. Therefore, based on the review, I noted that the company has been scoring high from the customer response on the quality of service they received from the organization. Happy customers translate to better customer loyalty, retention, and bringing newer customers to our firm, increasing profitability. Good workplace environment Most employees remain within the organization for over eight hours; therefore, learning that the place is conducive is motivating. The organization has provided safety, cleanliness, air conditioning, comfortable seats, order, and reduced external noise. References Álava, R. A. Q., Moreno, L. A. C., Vergara, M. I. S., Lucas, Y. A., & Alonzo, V. E. P. Process Evaluation: Continuous Improvement Strategy for Teachers. International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 4(1), 68-78. Kouzes, J., & Posner, B. (2021). LPI Self-Assessment-Reviewing Your Scores. Wiley Learning.
Scenario You work as a director of leadership and learning for an organization that makes prosthetics. This year’s employee engagement survey results for the organization show that some leadership pra
Running head: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 1 Inspiring a Shared Vision Jacqueline Campbell Southern New Hampshire University MBA 530 Leading People & Organizations Prof. Becky Maclennan February 18, 2022 Personal Development Plan Leadership Behavior The leadership behavior that I scored lowest in the LPI Self-Assessment is Inspiring a Shared Vision. To inspire a shared vision means helping the people you lead to identify a positive goal or dream to aspire and move towards. According to Flynn (2014), leaders that demonstrate this leadership behavior passionately believe that they could cause a significant change in their organization or teams by foreseeing the future and developing an exceptional and perfect image of what their organization would become. Moreover, through quiet persuasion and magnetism, such leaders often enlist others in these goals. Inspiring a shared vision is a crucial leadership behavior because it helps leaders encourage team members to become committed and motivated to a common goal. In essence, shared visions are strong driving forces of collaboration among teams because they are on the same page. Martin et al. (2014) asserted that a common goal provides meaning and orientation for leaders and subordinates. It encourages both parties to focus their energy on a project and take part in transformational practices. Therefore, developing this leadership behavior is vital because it equips a leader with skills necessary in team management and the success of a business project. Without a common vision, mission, purpose, and value, an organization is headed towards disaster, however promising it may be. Moreover, when employees work on a project but have entirely different visions about how they want to achieve their goals and when they should have achieved them, this creates conflict and misunderstanding because some team members perceive others as uninterested in the project. However, when a leader intervenes and encourages his team to work towards a common goal, these frictions would be minimized, thus enabling a smooth collaboration among teams. You must inspire a shared vision or a common goal as a leader because it is critical in effective leadership. This could be achieved through choosing a vision and determining what skills and strategies are required to accomplish the goal. Secondly, leaders should communicate this vision to their team members by creating slogans and leading by example. Before executing the plan, a leader should ensure that every team member understands the goals and objectives they want to accomplish in a given period. Therefore, I hope to improve on this leadership behavior by achieving the following SMART Goals with this information in mind. SMART Goal Specific: My goal is to be an excellent leader that inspires a shared vision and positive change in my organization. I will enroll in local leadership training programs and attend these lessons every week to accomplish this. Measurable: I will evaluate my team’s performance and assess the scope to which the objectives and goals of the team have been met to determine my progress. Besides, I will help my team complete our business project successfully. Achievable: Attend workshops on Inspiring Shared Visions and join an online leadership program. I will also watch informative videos and read books on developing this leadership behavior. Relevant: Inspiring a shared vision will enhance collaboration in team projects and increase productivity. This will increase the number of successful projects completed in time and ultimately lead to more positive outcomes in the organization. Timeliness: Achieve a 45 and above in the LPI Self-Assessment test in three months. I should also have increased my team’s productivity by 15 percent in six months. References Flynn, B. (2014). The Five Practices and Ten Commitments of Exemplary Leadership. OSU Leadership Center. Martin, J., McCormack, B., Fitzsimons, D., & Spirig, R. (2014). The importance of inspiring a shared vision. International Practice Development Journal, 4(2).

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