shakespeare on film 1

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Write a one-page response in which you do two things:

1. First, make a list of points in Much Ado about Nothing where people are CERTAIN they know the truth of a situation—but they are wrong. Make note on your paper where you can find these moments in the play. You can include a short quotation if you want to, but you must provide the Act and the scene (as in Act III, scene 2).

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2. On a separate page, write a short essay, one page, single spaced, in which you consider what Shakespeare is saying about truth–what is it and how do we know it? Treat this as practice for your final exam. You will get a grade on a scale from 0 (didn’t turn in the assignment) to 10 (excellent answer).

Use the link to watch the movie online.

Do not use any movie except the movie in the link or I will have zero. Please make it simple I’m international student.

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