Should individuals have the right to end their life

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the paper topic is “Should individuals have the right to end their life? through euthanasia (physician assisted suicide)

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the paper should be written against euthanasia

the paper must include introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion

INTRODUCTION: make sure to clearly state the argument/claim. the claim should be specific ( Against Euthanasia in all circumstances)

BODY PARAGRAPH: provide reasons (about 3) to support the argument/claim. Make sure to incorporate compelling evidence and various types of appeals “i e. emotional appeals, pathos, logos, ethos, or examples, showing guilt, or any examples that show fear) . You should also address and refute potential opposing viewpoints.

CONCLUSION: summarize the claim/argument and the reasons you used in support. In addition, provide implications about your argument. What should your audience do now?

SOURCES: MUST include 6 sources to support the claim which is against Euthanasia. also, all sources must be cited in an IN TEXT CITATION and at a REFERENCE PAGE. in APA 6th edition format

minimum 2.5 pages without the reference page

down there is a rubric paper to follow and an example of reference page

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