Should Marijuana Be Decriminalized?, sociology assignment help

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Flex Your Head papers should be 2.5 – 3 pages long, double-spaced. Make sure you follow the required writing guidelines in the syllabus. If you are given prompts for a particular paper, they are not to be answered one-by-one, but meant to be woven into a solid, thoughtful, college-level essay.

Always follow the writing guidelines, to the letter. Be sure to cite within the body of your assignment, but also in a works cited area at the end.

Should Marijuana Be Decriminalized? 

Page 167 of your text presents the Pros & Cons of the Legalization of Marijuana. The film this week, The Union: The Business of Getting High,further explores the topic of the decriminalization of marijuana.  You must make use of both the readings and the film in your paper. Take a stand against what you actually think and write an argument supporting that. So, if you think marijuana should be legalized, I want you to take the opposite side. After you’ve presented your argument, making use of the Pros and Cons and adding your own analysis as well as using (and citing) your text, then take a paragraph to tell me how it felt for you taking the other side. Did you change your mind after thinking it over? Did you come out of it feeling more justified in what you originally believed? Did you develop any empathy for the other side?

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