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  • Initial Planning Drafts – Part 1 Scoring Guide.

Begin composing the following five components of your Integrated Sport Psychology Plan and submit them in draft form.

  1. Topic Selection:

    This overview includes a brief description of the selected topic for your final plan. If you are uncertain about your final topic at this point, select a topic that may be of interest for this assignment (1-paragraph draft).

  2. Outline:

    The outline highlights key topics and illustrates how your plan will progress (1-page draft).

  3. Literature Review:

    Include a minimum of 15 references beyond the text (at least five should be peer-reviewed journals) that you plan to use in your plan. Note that some of these resources may be drawn from literature in your chosen profession; that is, they may be related to your actual professional practice. Using the form of an annotated bibliography, include a description of each resource. Under the name of each reference (journal article or other scholarly reference) describe the highlights from the article and evaluate each one based on its usefulness and applicability to your chosen topic selection (draft of 1–2 pages).

  4. Rationale:

    Provide a rationale for choosing your topic related to sport psychology (draft of 1–2 paragraphs).

  5. Application:

    This section will show application of the plan to your chosen profession and is considered the heart of the paper. In this section, begin to explain how you might apply sport psychology knowledge to your chosen discipline. Spend adequate time on this section (1-page draft).

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