Social Construction of Reality

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Culture is ubiquitous. Culture can reflect a specific race, a country, a town, a neighborhood, or even a family. The same holds true for a workplace. Organizations have culture and different parts of that organization may have a more unique culture than others. An effective leader is one who can reflect on both organizational history and organizational culture and learn to meld them together.

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Internal group culture (within a group) can vary from external group culture. In other words, what might be acceptable (i.e., words, phrases, gestures) within a group can be very foreign—or even culturally insensitive—if witnessed by someone external to that culture.

Cultural intelligence requires cognitive, physical, and emotional/motivational understanding for leaders. Head/body/heart working together form the constructs of effective cultural intelligence (Earley & Mosakowiski, 2004). This Harvard Business Review article opens with a visual image of a global bank’s brand icon. The bank’s picture story has been created to illustrate culture and to visually articulate a message that the bank understands and appreciates cultural differences.

Picture the image of a grasshopper. The advertising slogan reads:

“USA—Pest. China—Pet. Northern Thailand—Appetizer.”

To Prepare

  • Review the Learning Resources.

Post a 1 page description of the “social construction of reality” through the lens of values, beliefs, and assumptions. Does a multicultural workforce need to conform fully to the same construction of reality? Provide examples from the resources to illustrate your position.

Note: Support your postings with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. Use correct APA formatting for all resources.

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