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Praxis II Special Education mild to moderate response and constructed question.

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PLEASE give rationale for each answer.

  • Give three strategies when communicating with parent or family member during a parent teacher conference.
  • Give three barriers parents have when communication with teachers and school officials.
  • Give three ways technology can be used when communicating with parents.
  • Give three strategies for a successful Classroom Environment.
  • Give three strategies when collaborating with the special education and general education study teacher.
  • Benjamin, a first-grade student with a specific learning disability (SLD), was asked to write about a dream that he had. Below is
    Benjamin’s assignment sample.
  • Scenario

I dr am d uvf

A bou h ro s

(I dream about heroes,)


  • List THREE strengths weakness that Benjamin displays in his writing assignment.
  • Describe TWO instructional strategies s that the teacher might use as the next step to improve and develop Benjamin’s writing skills.

A student became angry and was fighting in class, biting another student in the process.

Describe THREE strategies the special education teacher might use and THREE strategies to prevent this from happening again.

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