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description of assignment : the assginment has multiple parts 1 identify a recent start up company , 2 prepare a paper addressing the assignment requirement and 3 give a short in class presesntation summarizing the pertinent information.

Requirement : you are to research and identify a start up company of your choice and interest. it is to be no more then three (3) years old. you are to prepare a paper of approximately five (5) pages (exclusive of the cover page and reference list) and make a five (5) minute presentation to the class. the paper and presentation are to address the following aspects of the venture:

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Basic information : what dose the company offer, who started it, and why dose the company attract your attention? what is their “secret sauce”?

purpose and audience : what specific need is the company trying to satisfy? is this a new idea, an old idea with a new twist, a “better mousetrap”?

business model: what is the company’s business model? (how does it make money )

future potential : what is your future projection for the company? would you anticipate the company to survive, go out of business or become really successful?why?

summary : state something intelligent and insightful about your research and company.

Referencing : reference all sources within your document ( except for textbook case analysis) in the accepted ASCE referencing style. to cite material found in the text, use a modified title-page method as follows: (text, p.x) to identify the page within the textbook.

A comprehensive guide to the ASCE reference style is available on the ASCE website on the “home/ journals/ authors/ publishing in ASCE journals” page as the e-book: “publishing in ASCE journals : A guide for authors” refer to the ” Referencing” section therein…

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