Strategic Health Planning – Final Project Cont’

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Lesson 5

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Put together parts 2-9 of your final project and upload it under Lesson 5.

Upload updated Parts 2-9 of the Final Project below.

Problem Description

(~1-2 Pages)

2. Introduce the problem and setting, include:

• A description of the health problem;

• A description of the community affected;

• An overview of organizations currently solving like problems; and

• Discuss available options currently used in the community to solve the problem and why they are not successful.

3. Proposed Solution, including:

  • Describe your proposed solution;
  • Describe how your solution is unique;
  • Describe what affect you foresee the solution having on the health problem and community involved; and
  • Identify an organization you will work with to solve the problem.

4. Conclusion.

The Strategic Plan

How will you strategically plan to solve your problem (and get to the proposed solution)?

(~2-4 Pages)

5. Identify an Organization that can assist you in accomplishing your proposed solution. You will play the role of assisting this organization in designing, implementing, and monitoring the Strategic Plan. Describe the organization and why they are a good fit to solve the health problem in this particular community.

6. Complete a Situational Analysis, including:

  • SWOT analysis and
  • Root Cause Analysis;

7. Evaluate the organizations’ Mission, Vision, and Values

  • State the current mission, vision, and values.
  • Evaluate and redraft the mission, vision, and values to accomplish the strategic plan.

8. Outcomes & Objectives

a. Evaluate current Goals (Outcomes) the organization has and determine whether these need to be adjusted to meet the new strategic plan. Add additional goals.

i. Does the organization you have chosen to solve the problem currently have goals to accomplish this task?

ii. In order to solve the problem, do goals need to be added to the strategic plan? List or diagram these goals and give a brief explanation.

b. Evaluate current Objectives and determine whether these need to be adjusted to meet the new strategic plan.

  • How will you know you are accomplishing the goals stated above?
  • 2 objectives have proven to be essential to strategic planning in health-What motivates People and Creativity and Innovation in Health. What role do these two objectives currently have in the organization? How can your strategic plan incorporate more of these 2 objectives?

9. Develop Targets and Indicators.Then, put together what you have already done during previous weeks for my comments.

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