strategic managementt question

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Milestone One: Investment Project and
Justification (Parts A and B)
In Module Four, you will submit a draft of Section II (Investment
Project) and Section III (Justification), Parts A and B only, of the
final project. Submit 8-10 pages
of narrative, building on the memo ( Attatched).

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Include references to past financial results, growth rates, and
other financial ratios as exhibited in the spreadsheet created (Attatched) , and end with appropriate reference citations.

for Submission: Your investment project and justification paper should
be approximately 8-10 pages in length (excluding spreadsheets, other
and list of references as necessary). It should be double-spaced with
12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins, and should use APA
format for
references and citations.

Overview: The final project for this
course is the creation of an external capital funding proposal.
Most businesses face a landscape of uncertainty and a never-ending
stream of risks and opportunities. Managers must continually project the
likely financial
impact of decisions, make recommendations, act on those decisions,
determine how to pay for them, and evaluate the costs and effectiveness
of what has been
done. Many decisions are short-term, routine, and operational. Others
are longer-term investment decisions that require substantial new
resources, such as
developing new services, expanding into new geographic markets, or
undertaking business combinations or spin-offs. Each requires managers
to forecast, plan,
and make decisions based on a thorough understanding of both internal
and external factors that can affect a company’s financial success.
For the summative assessment in this course, you will bring your finance
and economics knowledge to bear by preparing an external capital
funding proposal for
a major international investment at a publicly traded corporation. In
order to secure the support of potential financial backers, your
proposal will need to lay out
what the proposed investment opportunity is, how it fits within the
company’s broader mission and goals, its financial impact, and the
amount being requested
and why (including alternative funding mechanisms considered). In
addition, it will also need to include information on the organization’s
context, risk factors,
and microeconomic assumptions that could affect the success of the
Prompt: You have already chosen the company you will use for your final
project, and you have started a narrative description of your expansion
project into
another country. In this milestone, you will build on that narrative
description providing sufficient detail about the expansion, its costs,
and its time frame to give
a loan committee a firm sense of the proposed investment. You will also
analyze the impact of the investment proposal on your business by
explaining why now
is the right time for this investment given the global context and by
explaining how the investment is a good strategic fit with your company.
This milestone
addresses all of Section II and Section III (Parts A and B only) of the
final project.

the following critical elements must be addressed:
II. Investment Project: Use this section to describe the investment for
which you are seeking funding, its costs, and time frame.

Specifically, you should:

Describe the investment project. Be sure to provide sufficient detail
to give the loan committee a firm sense of the parameters of the
activity, the
need for it, and what financial metrics are relevant for determining
success. In other words, what do you propose to do, where, what
need will it fill, and how will you measure success?

Specify the resources the project will require and where these
resources will come from. In addition to noting the amount of the loan
you are
requesting, you should also consider human resources, facilities,
government approvals, intellectual property, access to natural
resources, and other
resources that might be required to carry out the project.

Justification: In this section, you should analyze the impact of the
investment proposal on your business. In particular, you should cover:

Why is now a good time for this investment given the global context?
Justify your response, citing specific external factors such as trade
regulations,foreign currency considerations, or trends in foreign direct
investment that might affect business financial decisions.

Strategic fit. Use this section to discuss why the investment proposal
makes sense for your company strategically. Specifically:

1. How
does the investment align with the company’s organizational and
financial priorities? Support your argument with evidence from

reports and financial statement analysis designed to persuade the
lender that the investment is a good strategic fit for your


How does the project fit within the global microeconomic environment?
Support your response with evidence. For example, would the

expansion tap unmet demand for the company’s key products or services or fill a new niche? How do you know?

How does the project build on the organization’s core competencies and
comparative advantage? For example, does the company have a

strategic advantage from intellectual property, regional expertise, suppliers, or organizational structure?

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