Strategic Plan, Part 3: Strategic Evaluation and Recommendation, homework help

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This paper is a continuation from paper 1 and 2

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Topic: Under Armour

Follow the instructions based on decision to complete the Strategic Plan or Alternative Capstone Project:

Strategic Plan Part 3: Strategic Evaluation and Recommendation

In this section, you will be evaluating various strategies and making recommendations for the organization.

Write a 1,050-word minimum strategic evaluation in which you include the following:

Cover at least one of the sub bullet point (*) in each section

  • Evaluate potential business level strategies for the organization.
    • *Low-Cost Leadership
    • *Differentiation
    • *Focus
  • Assess potential corporate level strategies for the organization.
    • *Operational Excellence
    • *Customer Intimacy
    • *Product Leadership
  • Assess potential global strategies for the organization.
    • *Concentrated Growth
    • *Market Development
    • * Product Development
    • * Innovation
    • *Horizontal Acquisition
    • *Vertical Acquisition
  • Recommend a strategy or combination of strategies the organization should implement, and include a rationale for that recommendation.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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