Students will write a scholarly paper that is a minimum of 8-10 pages in length (8-10 pages excluding the title page, abstract, and reference page)References may be found in the APUS library or se

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Students will write a scholarly paper that is a minimum of 8-10 pages in length

(8-10 pages excluding the title page, abstract, and reference page)

References may be found in the APUS library or search engines such as Google Scholar.  The paper must include

at least five

, peer-reviewed sources that cover your chosen topic from the list below. Keep in mind that 5 is the minimum.

A good quality research paper usually contains in excess of 10.

Sources should be less than 10 years old and if using statistical  data, it should be less than 5 years old.  Do not forget to use in text  citations to credit your sources.

Note  that references used for your research need to be  peer-reviewed/scholarly journals. These journals typically have the  following characteristics:

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1. articles are reviewed by a panel of experts before they are accepted for publication; 2. articles are written by a scholar or specialist in the field; 3. articles report on original research or experimentation; 4. are often published by professional associations; 5. utilize terminology associated with the discipline.

Use of newspapers, news magazines, and similar periodicals must be kept  to a minimum, and will be acceptable only as sources for supplementary  information.

References like “Wikipedia,” “Psychology Today,” and “Court TV” are not  primary sources, are not peer reviewed (reviewed for empirical  integrity, accuracy, and authenticity), and are not appropriate  references for scholarly writing (with the possible exception of use for  anecdotal background information).

Research Paper Topic

Choose a topic relevant to criminal investigations.  Examples include:

Wrongful Convictions

The  paper should be of high quality, free of spelling and grammatical  errors, and of original work. Plagiarism will not be permitted and  occurrences of it will result in the procedures outlined in the “Student  Handbook.”


: Once you have submitted the assignment  it is automatically run through (plagiarism checker).   You  MUST be below a 20% match to other sources.

Students will write a scholarly paper that is a minimum of 8-10 pages in length (8-10 pages excluding the title page, abstract, and reference page)References may be found in the APUS library or se
The use of Information Technology (IT) in Management system has rapidly increased due to its efficiency and effectiveness. Management Information systems (MIS) evolves from significant characteristics like Relevance, Accuracy, Usefulness, Timeliness, and Completeness. These characteristics make the MIS in an association to work more efficiently. If we consider the role of a manager in education systems, MIS has affected the educational sector in a way that enables them in research activities from start to finish. There are many companies today that built MIS tools around this area which are now used by many universities to enable them to drive their research and scope it like never before. In initial stages of IT development, MIS main purpose and usage was to improve the efficiency of school office activities. It was used to store student and personnel data. Overall review of literature highlighted positive impact of MIS on school administration and management including better accessibility to information, more efficient administration, higher utilization of school resources, and reduction in workload, better time management, and improvement in the quality of reports. MIS can provide administrators and teachers with the information required for informed planning, policy­making, and evaluation. MIS have changed school management in the areas of leadership, decision-making, workload, human resource management, communication, responsibility, and planning. Management Information System (MIS) provides information for the managerial activities in an organization. The main purpose of this research is, MIS provides accurate and timely information necessary to facilitate the decision-making process and enable the organizations planning, control, and operational functions to be carried out effectively. MIS is a subset of the overall planning and control activities covering the application of humans, technologies, and procedures of the organization. At present, organizations are in the race for enhancing their capability in order to survive in the competitions of the new century global market. Therefore, organizations are attempting to advance their agility level by improving the decision-making process to be more efficient and highly effective to meet the successive fluctuations of the market. References:
 1.     Navaz, V. M. (2013). Concepts and applications of management information systems. Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review (OMAN Chapter), 2(6). 2.     Ajayi, I. A. and Omirin, Fadekemi F. (2007). The Use of Management Information Systems (MIS) In Decision Making In the South­West Nigerian Universities. Educational Research and Review, 2 (5), 109­116 3.     Shah, M. (2014). Impact of Management Information Systems (MIS) on School Administration: What the Literature Says. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 116, 2799-2804. doi:

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