SUBJECT: CRIMINAL JUSTICE You can choose Any of these research topic: 1. Causes of Prison/Jail Overcrowding. 2. Jail/Prison Overcrowding and Impacts on Physical Health 3. Jail/Prison Overcrowding I

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You can choose Any of these research topic:

1. Causes of Prison/Jail Overcrowding.

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2. Jail/Prison Overcrowding and Impacts on Physical Health

3. Jail/Prison Overcrowding Impacts on Mental Health.

In this paper, you must include the following content headings (and sub-headings) in your paper using APA 7th format to earn full points on the assignment:

  1. Part 1: Introduction

    1. Main Topic Focus: Briefly, define your overall topic. Then describe the focus of your subtopic (the title in the List of Paper Topics (Please Choose One ) which will be the focus of your paper
    2. Topic Characteristics & Scope: Identify what we currently know about this dimension of your subtopic topic and discuss the evidence to support this understanding. Explain the date ranges and locations of the research you will discuss in the paper.
    3. Subtopic Importance: Discuss why this subtopic is important to the everyday United States resident. In other words, why should people care or be more educated about this issue? How might it affect them daily?
    4. Case Study: Provide a real-world, relevant example to illustrate your points (news story or popular media piece or court case study).
  2. Part 2: Research Evidence. Provide a discussion of the current research evidence from high-quality scholarly or official government statistical sources published between 2010 – 2021 and based on the United States criminal justice system:

    1. Provide a thorough discussion and summary of five pieces of evidence from your article summaries. Use formal language in this section and include only facts and summaries, no opinions.

      1. Official Statistical Source #1
      2. Official Statistical Source #2
      3. Peer-reviewed scholarly article #1
      4. Peer-reviewed scholarly article #2
      5. Book or Book Chapter from an Academic Press-Published Book
  3. Part 3: Conclusion. Conclude the paper by addressing the following headings:

    1. Study Limitations and Problems Discussed by Researchers: Discussing each source’s limitations as presented by the source’s author(s)
    2. Researcher Suggestions for Future Research: Discussing each source’s suggestions for future research or unanswered questions, as explained by the source’s author(s).
    3. Questions Remaining: End this section with a discussion of the issues you still have after completing this research and your critiques/perceptions of the sources. You may use the first-person writing here (I, me, etc.) and put in your brief opinions in this section.

Final Paper Formatting Requirements:

  1. The final paper must be 5-7 double-spaced pages in length, not including the title page and reference page.
  2. Use 10 or 12-point font (Times, Helvetica, or Arial).
  3. Include a title page formatted in APA 7th edition format (see template) APA

    1. Include  the following APA-formatted elements:

      1. A running head,
      2. Page numbers,
      3. Your name,
      4. A descriptive title of the paper  that clearly explains your topic area (do not just call it “Final Paper”)
      5. The class title
      6. The university name
    2. Include an end reference page.

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