Summarize some points of valuation report.

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That’s what need to be done with the report that I attached. My part from page 1-6. (Until Outlook Part. Regulations included)

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An essential skill of a forensic accountant/valuation analyst is to be able to critique the opposing expert’s report. In a majority of cases, the attorney will ask for a separate report to highlight the weaknesses in a report, including an alternate valuation or opinion.

For this week’s assignment, I have provided two valuation reports to choose from; each group, please select a report to critique (identify the report you selected in the response). I am not asking for a rebuttal report. Each group can provide a list of bullet points of each issue in the report they deem weak. Also, offer an alternate valuation based on your critique using Toulmin’s model to bolster your position. An example of a valuation report and the critique of the report is uploaded. It will give you an idea of the issues.

For each group, please post your critique and alternate valuation. Each group needs to comment on other group’s critique. Please refrain from, “I agree,” “nice job,” you can still be nice and ask the right questions.

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