Tax – Individual – assignment

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Week 1 Assignment

Complete the following exercises from your textbook:

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  • Chapter 1- Discussion Questions 1,3,5,7
  • Chapter 2- Research Problem 4 & Research Problem 5
  • Chapter 3- Research Problem 3

Write a three page paper. APA formatting is required, which includes a cover page, abstract, the actual paper, and a reference page. The cover page, abstract, and references do not count toward the three page requirement. Please provide two outside sources in your research. These are to be cited using the APA formatting guidelines. In this research paper, please address each of the following questions.

  • What are the consequences of not paying taxes?
  • Where should IRS debt fall in your priority list when paying your debts?
  • Please list and summarize some examples of individuals who are public figures not paying their taxes and the consequences they has to endure.

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