The National Labor Relations Board NLRA

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This assignment is that you go to the NLRB website ( and find the list of brochures the agency publishes. The assignment is to explain what each of the three brochures listed below contains about the Agency’s work. This NLRB’s list of brochures is under the tab “News and Outreach” on the Board’s website.

Below I have done a sample summary of the brochure, Your Government Conducts an Election. The three brochures you are to deal with are:

Protecting Employee Rights;

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Immigrant Employee Rights;

Basic Guide to the National Labor Relations Act.

Your task is to do a summary of what each of these three brochures is intended to convey. The space given to each brochure in your presentation should be BETWEEN 150-200 words. (Look at the number of words in your WORD document, and do not exceed 200 words for each brochure you summarize. As is done in the sample below, note the number of words in each summary at the end of that summary.) You are to submit all three summaries in a single Word document which you will transmit to the Sakai site for this assignment. The 150-200 word limit for each brochure’s summary holds true even though some brochures are much longer than others.



This brochure deals with the limited topic of how the NLRB supervises an election to determine whether a group of employees wishes to be represented by a labor organization.

There is some general information about what the Notice of Election looks like, followed by details of the appearance of the voting place and of how the election procedures will be handled. This includes information about dealing with disagreements about the eligibility of potential voters (the challenged ballot process).

The following section discusses in some detail what rights employees have under the National Labor Relations Act, including the right to self-organization and to engage in concerted activity for mutual aid.

Next there is a list of various ways employers or labor organizations can interfere with employees’ rights during the election process.

Finally there is a list of the NLRB offices throughout the nation, along with their phone numbers. (155 words)

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