THIS ASSIGNMENT IS ON Philando Castile This assignment will include: -Cover Page -Body of paper ( Introduction – Literature Review – Recommendations and Conclu

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Philando Castile

This assignment will include:

-Cover Page

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-Body of paper ( Introduction – Literature Review  –  Recommendations                   and Conclusions )

Word count of Introduction, Literature Review, and Recommendations and Conclusions section:  1,250 words.  Less than 1,000, or more than 1,500 will incur a penalty. This low word count is purposeful to encourage you to stay on topic, and to avoid being pulled in a different direction due to interesting information you find in your literature review.  in this assignment, your ability to expand on your topic and add depth will be limited by your word count.  First address the assignment requirements, then if you have free word space, add.

-One citation from one source at the bottom of a paragraph is insufficient. At a minimum, have at least two sources in any one paragraph (in-text citations)

– Let your reader know which sentences of content are coming from what source(s) by your in-text citation.

-Each entry in your Reference Page requires a link to your source document

– No Wikipedia, or Blog sources (unless an author’s name is included). Unless from a government website, do not use a webpage that does not have an author’s name attached to the writing.

-First 500 words of Literature Review and Reference Page Draft, with

-Recommendations and Conclusions Draft 500 word minimum. You are free to write in the first-person.

Minimum of five different sources.

This submission will include a Cover Page, the Literature Review, your Recommendations and Conclusion section, and a Reference Page

-Cite your sources (when in doubt, cite)

– Quotes.  Resist the urge!  Unless it is only two or three short, effective quotes from a known authority (ie: the FBI Director), instead paraphrase the thoughts into your own words (but still cite that source). You are now above the level of using Copy/Paste quotes throughout your paper. Doing so will weaken your paper and lose you points.

– With the exception of your final Recommendations & Conclusions section, where you are encouraged to share your newly informed thoughts and opinions, you cannot write in the first-person, or use editorial/opinion writing (No I, we, you, let’s, etc.)

– Be sure to finish strong in your Recommendations & Conclusions section. This is the time to tell your reader what you think.

All three submissions will follow these guidelines:

-Times New Roman 12 font


-APA formatting

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