This assignment provides you with an opportunity to create a code of ethics for you and your family, as well as to explain the strategies and thought processes that went into developing the code. Firs

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This assignment provides you with an opportunity to create a code of ethics for you and your family, as well as to explain the strategies and thought processes that went into developing the code. First, create an original code of ethics for your family by thinking about your family as an organization. In your code of ethics, please include the following items:

  • guiding principles,
  • purpose of the code,
  • core values,
  • training and education (How will you train and educate others about the code?),
  • definitions,
  • who it covers,
  • mission statement, and
  • other pertinent elements you feel necessary to have a comprehensive code of ethics.

The next part of this assignment involves an evaluation, where you describe the thought process behind the code of ethics that you prepared. For the evaluation part of this assignment, draft an essay to include the following items:

  • Identify the key roles of those who have a vested interest in the ethical behavior that your code defines.
  • Explain the strategies and thought processes that you used to formulate the code.
  • Explain how you would strategically implement and communicate the code to others in the organization.
  • Explain how you will monitor the practice of ethical decision-making.
  • Provided that laws exist and have been enacted for resolving conflict, why do we also need a code of ethics?

In the process of writing your code, you must research the topic of codes of ethics and incorporate at least two articles, no older than five years. Your code and evaluation must be at least 1,000 words. Format the code as you like; however, be sure it is professional and legible. Format the evaluation part of the assignment by using APA Style. Save both parts in one Word document, and submit it in Blackboard for grading.

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This assignment provides you with an opportunity to create a code of ethics for you and your family, as well as to explain the strategies and thought processes that went into developing the code. Firs
Running head: JP MORGAN CHASE & CO 1 Financial Management Tawni Morgan Columbia Southern University 07/17/2021 JP MORGAN CHASE & CO 2 Summary : JP Morgan Chase & Co. Summary JP Morgan Chase & Co is a financial holding company and one of the leading financial services firms based in the United States. The firm has many operations worldwide, and currently, it has a total of 2.4 trillion in assets and $279.4 billion in stockholder equity. JP Morgan Chase offers a variety of services from investment banking, financial services for consumers and small businesses, commercial banking, financial transaction processing, and assets management. The firm serves millions of customers in the United States and around the world. The firm operates in a very competitive environment, including other firms such as brokerage firms, investment banking companies, merchant banks, hedge funds, commodity trading companies, and investment and credit card companies. JP Morgan Chase can trace its roots in 1799 in New York City and many well -known heritage firms. I t is one of the world’s oldest and most extensive and best -known financial institutions. The firm acquired chase Manhattan in 2000, and in 2004, it merged with Bank one corporation. The firm has invested more in advancing cities launches. They invested ove r $500 in five years of initiatives. In 2019, the black pathways combined with JP Morgan Chase to advance black pathways. JP Morgan Chas e operates according to the Federal Reserve requirement in the United States and has ventured into many investment activities. The firm’s investment is informed of the loan of providing credit facility. According to the annual report, JP Morgan Chase’s total credit provided and capital raised totaled around $2.3 trillion. The credits are spread as follows: – credit for the consumer is $226 billion, $18 billion credit for U.S small business, $865 billion credit for corpora tions, $1.1 trillion capital raised for corporate clients and non -U.S government entities, $103 credit, and JP MORGAN CHASE & CO 3 capital raised for non -profit and U.S government entities. The firm investment activities include investment in held loans and investing in investme nt securities portfolios and other short -term instruments. JP Morgan Chase & Co operates as an investment bank and financial services. On 31 December, 2020JP Morgan Chase’s investment in securities was $587.9 billion. The bank’s source of funding includ es the use of customer deposits. Still, the firm acquires long – term unsecured funding from Parents Company which provides both banks and non -subsidiary funding needs. The senior notes issued in the U.S market are around $25,500 million, and seniors notes issued in the non -U.S market are $1,355. The firm also raises the secured long -term funding through securitization of consumer credit card loans and through FHLB advances. Credit card securitization issuance is around $1,000. These are types of capital st ructures that enable the firm to have good liquidity. Furthermore, JP Morgan Chase’s capital structure comprises of equity. Equity is the value of shareholder investment if all the assets are liquidated and all of the company debts were paid. The firm issu es shares to shareholders to acquire more funds to support the company investment. The firm has a standard stock held of around $383,953,778,298 and shares a common stock outstanding of 3,051,506 326. Currently, JP Morgan Chase uses credit derivatives as a n end -user in order to manage exposure. These are an example of financial management strategies of reducing firm investment exposure from market risk. Examples of credit risk management strategies include credit derivatives. Companies use credit defaults swaps to hedge against the firm exposure to market risk. The firm issues bonds in the security market to raise funds. The raised fund by the company is used to extend credit facilities to the consumers both individually and small businesses JP MORGAN CHASE & CO 4 (Aivazian, Ge, & Qiu, 2005) . The raised funds are used to support the firm expansion goals, such as mergers and acquisitions. JP MORGAN CHASE & CO 5 References Aivazian, V. A., Ge, Y., & Qiu, J. (2005). Debt maturity structure and firm investment. Financial Management , 34 (4), 107 -119. JPMorgan Chase & Co.(n.d). History of the Firm. Retrieved from -history JPMorgan Chase & Co.(n.d). Sec Filling form 10 -k: Retrieved from https://jpmorganchaseco.gcs -files/52ecd530 -2954 -4619 -acc6 – 2ebcdff4e173
This assignment provides you with an opportunity to create a code of ethics for you and your family, as well as to explain the strategies and thought processes that went into developing the code. Firs
APA R equirements Guide Entire document  Format ●Use Time s New Roman 12 Point font ●Use 1 inch margins all around ●All parts are double spaced (title page, abstract, body of paper and references ) ●No pictures, graphics or other fancy formatting  Writing Style ●Give preference to narrative style (paragraphs rather than bulleted lists) ●Give preference to paraphrasing of sources rat her than long quotations ●Sources should support the writer’s words (quoted material should not predominate) ●A paraphrase is a SIGNIFICANT rewording of the original text, not just a minor editing ●Exact words of sources must be within quotation marks and must be cited Title Page  General standards ●No text enhancements such as large font, underline or italics . ●Centered on the page vertically & horizontally ●Student name, Dept., University, Course, i nstructor’s name and date  Contents of a title page ●Page number in upper right -hand corner ●Title of paper (bold ) ●Other information Must be in heading area and appear on ALL pages ●Use automatic page numbering (title page is page 1) Title will be 3 to 4 lines from the below the top margin. Other information begins two lines below the title: First line: Author’s first name, middle initial(s), las name. Second line: Author ’s affiliation (Dept.) & University Third line: Course Number and Name Fourth line: Instructor’s Name with Title Fifth line: Assignment due date Note: Instructors have “academic freedom”. If they want the date, the class name, or any additional information; it will b e located between your name and the name of the school. Plain Fonts Double spaced No graphics 1 inch all around 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Paper title centered, bold, upper & lower case Your name Affiliation, Columbia Southern University Course Number & Name Instructors Name & Title Assignment Due Date [Student papers do not contain an author’s note] Automatic Page number Abstract (NOT REQUIRED BY CSU)  General standards ●The abstract is a separate page (page 2) ●The word “Abstract” appears centered on the first line ●In mixed case, In bold.  Contents of an abstract ●Uses a single paragraph with no indentation ●Summarizes the purpose and parts of the paper (for graduate students) ●Summarizes what the paper will be explaining for homework (for Undergraduates) ●250 words or less (including articles – the, a , and). ● Follow with “K eywords :” (note italics and colon), indented with list of keywords written in lowercase (except for proper nouns) and separated by commas. Do not place a period at the end of the list . Body of the paper (page 3 (2 for CSU) and following)  Title ●Line 1 of page 3 (2) repeats the full title as it appears on the title page ●Centered, in plain text ( bold , NO underline or italics) Note: Title takes the place of “Introduction”. Do not use “Introduction” Introduction – The introductory paragraph(s) describes the paper topic  Citations ●Use citations for both ideas (paraphrases) and exact words of a source ●Use author last name(s) and year of publication °in parenthese s and separated by a comma °If there is no publication date, use the abbreviation n.d. ▪ Note: Do not use date retrieved as a publication date. A retrieval date is no longer used in references. °If the source has no author listed, use the article title ●Sources with 3 to 5 authors °Name all authors in the first citation °For additional citations of that source use the first author’s last name °Use “et al” before the publication date. °If there are 6 or more authors “et al” may be used on the first citation When the author’s name(s) or title (if there is no author) is u sed in the sentence, place the year of publication immediately after the name in parentheses. Stapleton & Benson (2003) stated that… –or — Internet Safety (n.d.) states that… Headings, sometimes called Subtitles in the body of the paper: Level One Sta rt typing here just like any other paragraph. This is centered, in bold, upper and lower case. Level Two Start typing here just like any other paragraph. This is flush left, upper and lower case and in bold. 3 Repeat Complete Paper Title Here The opening discusses the topic of the paper. It should NEVER repeat the abstract. Use mixed case No enhancements Do not use “Introduction” 2 Abstract The purpose of this paper is… In part 1, it discusses. Part two explains… Single paragraph 250 words or LESS Keywords: college, teaching, scales 4 What you say in the paper (Smith, 2006) goes here. When you cite, you indicate the source ( Internet Safety , n.d.) by using parentheses. Inside of the parentheses are author last name and date (Hunter, Phelan, Mckeough & Benson, 2009). Hunter (Hunter et al, 2009) also says… …According to Whiteboard Guidelines (2009) several rules … level three. It would start here and the par agraph would follow these words on the same line. It is indented, all lowercase, and in bold. Note that there is a period after the level. level four. It would start here and the paragraph would follow these words on the same line. It is indented, in bold, all lowercase and the heading would end with a period level five . It would start here and the paragraph would follow these words on the same line. It is indented, NOT in bold, all lower case, in italics and the heading would end with a period. o A heading should not be the last line of a page Reference Page(s) (Note: the reference list starts on a new page) ●First line: the word References appears on its own line o Centered, in mixed case, bold . no underline or italics ●Reference list o Alphabetical order based on author’s last name o If there is no author, use title but ignore “The”, “A” , or “An” o Each reference must be cited at least once o Each citation must have a matching reference o References are listed only once ●General structure of a reference o List authors’ last names followed by first initial, no full first names o Give complete title o For Internet sources use “ [URL]” (Note: no brackets) 12 References The article title. (DATE). Journal title. Vol, page# -page#. Last name. F.I. (DATE). Title of journal. Vol., page# -page#. Web page title. (n.d.) URL. Last name, first initials only Website Address DIRECTLY from the material, not the home page.
This assignment provides you with an opportunity to create a code of ethics for you and your family, as well as to explain the strategies and thought processes that went into developing the code. Firs
APA_PM7_Ch2-BLueline.indd 618/1/19 7:01 PM Sample Papers • 61 Sample Student Paper paper title, 2.4, 2.27, Table 2.1, Figure 2.4 parenthetical citation of a work with two authors, 8.17 parenthetical citation of a work with one author, 8.17 group author, 9.11 use of first person, 4.16 italics to highlight a key term, 6.22 narrative citation in parenthetical running text, 8.11 repeated citation needed, 8.1 student title page, 2.3 ELEMENTS & FORMAT APA_PM7_Ch2-BLueline.indd 628/1/19 7:01 PM ELEMENTS & FORMAT 62 • PAPER ELEMENTS AND FORMAT Sample Student Paper (continued) Level 1 heading, 2.27, Table 2.3, Figure 2.5 Level 2 heading, 2.27, Table 2.3, Figure 2.5 Level 2 heading, 2.27, Table 2.3, Figure 2.5 lettered list, 6.50 APA_PM7_Ch2-BLueline.indd 638/1/19 7:01 PM Sample Papers • 63 Sample Student Paper (continued) ELEMENTS & FORMAT “for more” citation, 8.11 secondary source citation, 8.6 narrative citation with the year in the narrative, 8.11 short quotation, 8.25, 8.26 “et al.” citations for works with three or more authors, 8.17 Level 1 heading, 2.27, Table 2.3, Figure 2.5 Level 2 heading, 2.27, Table 2.3, Figure 2.5 repeated narrative citation with the year omitted, 8.16 APA_PM7_Ch2-BLueline.indd 648/1/19 7:01 PM ELEMENTS & FORMAT 64 • PAPER ELEMENTS AND FORMAT Sample Student Paper (continued) long paraphrase, 8.24 time abbreviation, 6.28 Level 1 heading, 2.27, Table 2.3, Figure 2.5 narrative citation, 8.11; paraphrasing, 8.23 block quotation, 8.25, 8.27 APA_PM7_Ch2-BLueline.indd 658/1/19 7:01 PM Sample Papers • 65 Sample Student Paper (continued) “see also” citation, 8.12 Level 2 heading, 2.27, Table 2.3, Figure 2.5 personal communication, 8.9 ELEMENTS & FORMAT APA_PM7_Ch2-BLueline.indd 668/1/19 7:01 PM Sample Student Paper (continued) 66 • PAPER ELEMENTS AND FORMAT ELEMENTS & FORMAT journal article reference, 10.1 YouTube video reference, 10.12 short URL, 9.36 book reference, 10.2 report reference, 10.4 blog post reference, 10.1 conference presentation reference, 10.5 edited book chapter reference, 10.3 shortDOI, 9.36 APA_PM7_Ch2-BLueline.indd 678/1/19 7:01 PM Sample Papers • 67 doctoral dissertation reference, 10.6 shortDOI, 9.36 ELEMENTS & FORMAT
This assignment provides you with an opportunity to create a code of ethics for you and your family, as well as to explain the strategies and thought processes that went into developing the code. Firs
Good Morning Tawni, I am reaching you about the Unit II Scholarly research paper.  The SafeAssign report detected over 20% of the essay either comes from a term paper cite or has been previously submitted by others and several areas are missing source citations.   Merely listing a source reference does not constitute use within the document, you must cite.     I have attached the paper with areas highlighted that are an academic integrity concern.  Please revise these areas by paraphrasing, properly citing, and referencing.  It is important to use the SafeAssign Report as a first pass review to determine areas that may be unintentionally plagiarized.    Please note that CSU implemented APA 7th edition format July 1, 2020.  The submitted essay is not in proper format.  The CSU Success Center provides an update on APA for students.  This is also outlined in both the Academic Integrity Policy and the 2020 CSU Success Center Citation Guide.  Attached is a CSU APA 7th Edition Requirements Overview and a Sample APA Annotated paper (prepared by APA) for your review.     A second submission link has been created for you to re-submit the Unit II Scholarly paper.  Please note that this will be the one opportunity to revise and resubmit written work.  Future issues will be forwarded to an Academic Integrity Review Committee.     Let me know if you have any questions.  It is my goal to ensure students are successful in the course.  Betty M. E. Ross, D.B.A. 

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