This assignment requires you to use the information you found in a few of your articles (the ones from your Annotated Bibliography) and write a 500-515-word paper on what you have found so far. (515 i

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This assignment requires you to use the information you found in a few of your articles (the ones from your Annotated Bibliography) and write a 500-515-word paper on what you have found so far.

(515 is the max!)

*Please review the handy Sample Paper that I am attaching to the Week 4 email! It will also be in the

Doc Sharing Tab

on the course shell.

**You only need to discuss a few issues, not all 6! A 500-word paper is not very long, so you might only need to discuss 2 or 3 issues.

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*The Cover page will be page 1 in your document

*The Literature Review will begin on page 2 and go through page 3

*The Reference page will be page 4


The Reference page will be a list of ALL the articles from the Annotated Bibliography

that you use for this paper – which might only be 2 or 3 sources

– but this time they need to be in “typical” APA Format (see example on last page!)

*Your paper should be 500-515 words; no more, no less!

This 500-word requirement includes the Cover page and Reference page!

**Please make sure to Double-space everywhere in the paper.

Never use all caps anywhere in the paper.

Please check for spelling and punctuation errors.

Use normal-sized font (12-point). Use either Times New Roman or Arial for all papers.

You will need to cite a minimum of 2 times in your paper (refer to Sample Paper for examples!)

This assignment requires you to use the information you found in a few of your articles (the ones from your Annotated Bibliography) and write a 500-515-word paper on what you have found so far. (515 i
Running head: ANNONATED BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR POLICE INVESTIGATION ANNONATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Dartagnan Simmons Saint Leo University CRM 499 Dr. Nancy Santiago July 19, 2020 Andelman, D. A. (1994). The drug money maze. Foreign Affairs, 94-108. Retrieved from: David researches on the movement of drug money in the United States; stating that the money mostly finds itself in the pockets of politicians, high profiled politicians who in turn provide security to the drug dealers. Drug money is the life blood of many organizations and which in turn fuel the growth of the vast drug market. This research is vital in ascertaining why the drug dealers in Courtlaney Pass only attack a pocket of the population and not the whole population. Additionally, it will shed light into why some of the leaders are reluctant in dealing with the drug dealers. Baldwin, J. (2017). Culture, prejudice, racism, and discrimination. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication. Retrieved from: Baldwin expounds on the role of culture in prejudice, and the intolerance for diversity in communities. Prejudices is influenced by a series of factors most of which revolve around history, sociology and phenomenology. While most of prejudice is deep rooted in culture, Baldwin defines a way of dealing with prejudice. This involves all parties to a community within a given region. Creating awareness on cultural prejudice is bound to reduce racism and discriminations. This is including but not limited to behaviors of exclusion of a part of the population within a given community. This will be vital in defining the level of racism and discrimination in Courtlelaney Pas, and the best way to deal with the issue. Bosniak, L. S. (1991). Human rights, state sovereignty and the protection of undocumented migrants under the International Migrant Workers Convention. Int’l Migration Rev., 25, 737. Retrieved from: While all nations enjoy territorial sovereignty; it is common for countries to fail in controlling influx of immigrants. This raises concern over the treatment of immigrants, both locally and internationally. There is consideration of the often low social conditions of such persons it is necessary for nations to define laws and policies that protect the human rights of such persons. Therefore, every administration has the responsibility of protecting the human rights of all immigrants, in spite of their legality. Bosniak explains that though this is constrained by the structures of sovereign statehood, the respective administrations have responsibility of exercising human rights when dealing with such persons. Heeren, G. (2012). Persons who are not the people: The changing rights of immigrants in the United States. Colum. Hum. Rts. L. Rev., 44, 367. Retrieved from: Heeren discusses the rights of immigrants in relation to the state’s law, on two bases, federalism and agency skepticism. These two perspectives of law are very effective in dealing with immigrants, where the immigrants rely on federal rights when the issue is actions of state, and on agency skepticism when they are against the federal rights. This prove stronger than fighting for equal rights with the citizens. Heeren provides a central point for the two litigation frameworks through which when immigrants are not controlled at the border, within the country whether legal or illegally, their human rights are primarily protected before any other allegations. Koper, C. S., Maguire, E. R., Moore, G. E., & Huffer, D. E. (2001). Hiring and retention issues in police agencies: Readings on the determinants of police strength, hiring and retention of officers, and the federal COPS program. Washington, DC: Urban Institute. retrieved from The report is based on survey of randomly sampled 1270 police agencies over a course of 3 months. They findings are then compared and contrasted with police employment and the details of how this should be done. The report holds that police staffing behavior influences the strength of the police department, and the crime level in the jurisdiction of that department. Training of police officers and qualification of recruits is crucial to the performance of a police department. The article concludes by defining the factors to consider during recruitment of police staff; including but not limited to education level, integrity, public opinion and consideration of the demographic factors in the population. Scott, B. (2009). When Child Abuse Becomes Child Homicide: The Case of Gilson v. Sirmons. Okla. City UL Rev., 34, 281. The article discusses the Gilson vs Sirmons case, in which child abuse resulted to child homicide in the Oklahoma, which largely provoked public outrage. The sensitivity of such cases result to the constitution playing a vital role in ascertaining the defendant punished only after rational application of the law. The child homicide is strictly treated as first degree murder cases. The article provides a summary of how to lay out case facts, procedural posture and since the such cases always result to strong public emotion, public opinion is also considered. This article is crucial in determining and outlining a basis for dealing with the murder of children in Courtlaney Pass, who were defiled before being murdered. Scrivner, E. M. (2006). Innovations in police recruitment and hiring: Hiring in the spirit of service. Washington, DC: US Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. Retrieved from: Scriveer selects five police department based on competitive process and analyzes them to determine ways of recruiting police officers in such a way that the community is served by the department in the best way possible. Scrivner pinpoints the benefit of creating initiatives in police recruitment such as the best recruits from the community are selected as police officers. Law enforcers should be people who understand the life of the community they are in charge of and are committed to ensuring the welfare of the community as opposed to vested interests. Service oriented selection procedures should be employed in police hiring and staffing. van Bijleveld, G. G., Dedding, C. W., & Bunders‐Aelen, J. F. (2015). Children’s and young people’s participation within child welfare and child protection services: A state‐of‐the‐art review. Child & Family Social Work, 20(2), 129-138. Retrieved from: the article discusses the participation of adults in child protection, and the responsibility of parents and the government in child protection. The discussion delineates this topic from three perspectives; the parents’ perspective, the children perspectives and the social welfare’s perspective. Whereas professional objections to participation are mainly a result of socio-cultural image of children as vulnerable persons, the constitution demands that all parties, the government inclusive, have a responsibility to protect children and in the event that one participates in endangering children welfare, either directly or indirectly, they are subject to punishment by law. Therefore, in relation to the situational report, investigation this article will help in defining the extent of child defilement in Coourlaney Pass. Werb, D., Rowell, G., Guyatt, G., Kerr, T., Montaner, J., & Wood, E. (2011). Effect of drug law enforcement on drug market violence: A systematic review. International Journal of Drug Policy, 22(2), 87-94. Retrieved from: There is a link between illegal drug business and community violence and this research expounded on the specifically in the urban centers. Drug law enforcement has a direct impact on violence in drug markets. The article summarizes fifteen articles using mathematical and statistical models, qualitative and quantitative surveys and the findings suggest that the fight against illicit drugs will lead to inevitable violence in the drug markets. Disruption of such markets should thus be under well-structured and controlled measures. The article suggests on alternative regulatory measures to drug trade and drug violence measures. This research will be vital in controlling the drug trade in Courtelaney Pass be employed in the hiring of police officers. Worden, R. E. (2015). The causes of police brutality: Theory and evidence on police use of force (Vol. 2, pp. 149-204). Routledge, New York, NY, ed. Worden approaches police brutality from a cause and effect perspective, particularly on how the causes of police brutality give an insight on pitfalls of various departmental reforms. These are mainly in governmental, administrative managerial and police reforms. Worden discusses police behavior and what results to such behaviors. The use of force by the police is directly connected to their behavior, which sometimes are rooted in the personality of police behavior, and the area they operate in. Therefore, elimination of police brutality can only be controlled through supervision of police behavior, at individual and organizational level. This will be important in dealing with police brutality in Courtlaney Pass, and providing insight on how to manage police behavior.

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