This is for a discussion post and discussion is to be based on Bible facts

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1 Timothy 5:3-16. These verses speak about how widows should be cared for by
the local church. Explain what Paul says the church should do and what the policies are
4 [Revised July 2018]
he lays down. For example, who are the widows? Who are “widows indeed?” What
requirements do widows have to meet? What about younger widows? Do you think this
should be something the church should be concerned about?

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Each post is like a mini-research paper. It should be well thought out, logical, researched
(with at least three sources both used and cited), and use substantive sources such as
commentaries and journal articles.
You should list various views of the topic and then argue objectively (I’m not interested
in subjective opinions, preferences, or life experiences) for the view you feel is the most
biblical from the passage

post should consist of a minimum of 750 words. Posts under 750 words will receive
no credit

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