This week, you will develop an annotated material list including different genres, grade levels, and subject-specific needs. Annotated means you list the material and include a paragraph or two of information about the source, based on the assignment inst

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Important Note: All entries must be written in your own words, and all sources of ideas must be cited. Use Turnitin to check your work (under Learning Resources).

  1. Choose a topic based on a subject covered in K-12: Civil War, Iranian food, Mammals, Oprah Winfrey, Baseball, etc. (You can also use the Common Core Standards for ideas to align with school curricula.) List the topic at the top of your annotated materials list.
  2. Choose at least ten sources that will help students learn more about the topic. These resources must include at least one example of each of the following: fiction, nonfiction, picture book, mid-grade book, young adult book, media (i.e. video), and digital (i.e. EBook, audio book). You can also include drama, music, poetry, feature-length films, blogs, websites, apps, and other sources.
  3. Identify the kind of source for each listing (age group and format – i.e. Mid-grade Video). Each source must have been produced or published after 2005.
  4. For each source, include an APA citation, a summary, and an evaluation. Your summary will convey the main ideas. Your evaluation will provide your analyses of the validity, content, quality, accessibility, accuracy, and authenticity of each item you chose.
  5. Recommend if you would add each source to a library (identify the kind of library), and explain why or why you would not purchase each resource.
  6. Use at least three of the library selection aides/sources we studied to choose your materials. Include a reference page listing these sources.

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