this weeks work is to view a video of bullets over broadway and answer the show questions

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If you recall, your assignment for this semester was to view two live IVC Theatre Productions and then write a critique of the show. Since we had to close the campus and our theatre productions last month, you will be watching the video of both productions and answering the attached questions about the show.

Here’s the link to “Bullets over Broadway:” (Links to an external site.) (連結到外部網站。)

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  1. View the show and then send me your answered question to me by Tuesday, April 21st.
  2. Please note that this video has been broken into 9 video section. View all 9 then answer the questions below.
  3. Write out each question! Then answer each of the questions below.

Your observation and answers should be a narrative totaling about 1-2 typed pages.

“Bullets over Broadway”
Mid-Term Questions

  1. Select 2 characters from the play and discuss their performances in the areas of:
    1. Their Speaking Voice: Diction, tone, clear!
    2. Projection & Volume
  2. Discuss the Set & Costume Design!
    1. Does the set allow the actors to move freely on the Stage?
    2. Do the Costumes assist the audience in understanding the Characters on Stage?
    3. Can the actors move freely on stage? Are the costumes limiting the movement of actors while the dance or sing?
    4. Did you notice any problem with the actors during the Show that related to the Set or Costumes?

  3. How would you evaluate the technical aspects of the show during the performance?
    1. Did all of the light and sound cues work appropriately?
    2. How did the musicians and the sound crew work together? We’re singers having a problem with their mics so that you couldn’t hear them speak or sing? Was the band too loud or too soft. Explain what you observed!

Please return these questions to me by next Tuesday, April 21st.
Send them to me via Canvas!

Take care and stay safe,
Ron e

Recording Voice Page 113 And Maj Gen_4&5.mp3

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